Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fill yourself up with the Now now and you'll have plenty of Now left over for later.

You want to know something amazing? I'm writing this in my Now and you're reading it in yours. Now isn't that something?

'Now' really is a wonderful experience. It's so tied in with Life itself. Yet how often do we spend that precious time lost in some other time? We're busy thinking about something in the past or planning for something in the future that we completely miss the connection to all of it.

The thing that's really astonishing though is how easy it is to get back to Now.

Simply pay attention. Don't do anything about the past and future... For a moment, just pay attention to the moment.

And once you get into the groove, stay in the groove. Keep connecting with each moment that comes by.

That way you can have your Now now and more Now later.

Keep the light on,