Monday, November 24, 2008

Being Thankful...

I'm thankful for good times, for those are the days I live

and also for bad, 'cause that's when I learn the most about Life

I'm thankful for the people who've come into my life,

And those that just passed by

I'm thankful for all that I know; and all that I don't

I thankful for the things I have, because they make me feel rich

And all the things I don't, for they make me richer

I'm thankful for the food in my belly and the roof over my head

They're not as easy to come by as one would think

I thankful I still have dreams; and thankful that I'm finding a way to make those dreams come true.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Guilt Trip to a Family Dysfunction

Are you going to be taking a guilt trip to another family dysfunction again this year?

As you prepare to trek across the miles to see your sister, with her out of work husband and two bratty kids... thinking about your drunk uncle, and mother who thinks you've still not got your life together... there's more to take with you besides just presents and fruitcake.

Before you go and end up with a repeat performance of last year, read on and make your season a little brighter...


Make sure to pack these in your suitcase to bring with you:


Realize that some people may never change. It's their life, not yours. They might be making the same mistakes they did for years; they may or may not be trying to change it. Don't let that get to you.


Realize that some people may actually have changed. Don't assume they're the same, don't treat them the same; don't force them ro treat you the same way either.


People go through a lot in one year. There might be a lot going on "behind the scenes" that you don't know about. Get the whole story before jumping into judgement.


Be who you are today. Reunions have a tendancy to put you back into old roles and old habits. Don't change because someone else wants to pigeonhole you into history.


People are just different. If you don't like it, it's YOUR judgement, and YOUR problem. Deal with yourself, and you'll be happier about everything else.


The best present you can have is to let go of the past. Even if others have a hard time forgiving, that's also not your problem. Be the bigger person and forgive them for not forgiving you.


It's what ultimately works best. Find a way to do everything out of Love, and you will find the true spirit of the holidays and of your life.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Letting Go

Arghhhhh.... !!!!!

You ever have one of those days that you just wish you could be left alone? That you didn't have so much you had to do? That you didn't have to be YOU?

Well, you can... without changing anything outside yourself... without changing anything you do.

"Impossible!" you say? No, but it won't necessarily be easy, or even understandable... at least until you try it.

The secret is in "Letting go."

So as not to get your mind going off in the wrong direction, let me start by saying what "Letting Go" is NOT:


You don't have to separate yourself from anyone or anything. Just because you go from birth to death on your own, doesn't mean you have to go it alone. You can share your life with many wonderful people; you can partake of many wonderful things; and still be free.


Leaving the people you care about just to be "free" will probably make things worse. Creating a void for you and everyone else is not "free" -- it's the other side of free, which is debt... and that's a bad thing.


Getting rid of the things you own can also be a bad idea. "Using possessions" and possessing things are completely different things entirely. Besides -- having a car means you can be "freer" on the weekends.


You don't have to lose your memory to be free either. If someone has wronged you in the past, you don't have to forget what they've done, nor give them permission to do it again...

Which brings us to what "Letting Go" is:


Coming to a deeper understanding that people are human; they sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes they lack the appropriate knowledge or consideration, so they strike out from their own ignorance or pain. YOU have the power to forgive.


Not just of others, but of yourself. You too are human and have your fair share of "oops." It is a deeper understanding that you play as important a role in the lives of others, as they have a role in yours.

Free From Expectations

This is the biggest one. As long as you don't expect anything, everything can be as it really is.

Non-attachment to people

Freedom to experience others, and to express yourself, with no strings attached. And the closer other people are to you, the less you should even think of strings.

Non-attachment to possessions

Again, experience the joy of using the things around you, but never being possessive of those things.

Unconditional Life

Once you no longer feel the need to possess objects or people, you can let go of expectations; you can live... just live.

Once you've got that, it's an amazing feeling to possess.

(Did I say "possess"??? Well, forget that too...)

Let go... live free... have it all.