Monday, August 30, 2010

Our lives are not measured by the steps we take, but by the path we leave.

I'm a reflective kind of guy. I don't mean shiny, although I do need SPF80 just to go out in the sun. I mean I like to look back upon the path I've made and think about where I'm going to go next.

I like to do it twice a year... New Year's and my Fiscal Year, also known as my Birthday. It very enlightening to summarize one year's time, as well as look at the half way mark to get that sense of belonging right where you are. Owning the moments... the ones that got you here, and the ones that lay ahead.

When I think about my one year accomplishments, it's astounding to realize that the majority of them actually took place in the first half of this year. It's as if the last half of last year was leading up to what unfolded since January 1.

It was the very last few days of last year when I sat down to write the novelized version of DARE to be your BEST. Every day I immersed myself in it and hardly noticed that three months had gone by when the last few words were captured.

"But only if we DARE."

(I'm not really giving anything away by telling you that)

As if on cue, a status update from a Facebook friend said "I just joined the Next Top Spiritual Author contest, check it out!" popped up on my phone.

"But only if we DARE" popped into my head.

So that moment I jumped right in and committed my energy and love into the contest. what an amazing experience it has been. I put together a book proposal, got onto radio shows, started new joint ventures and made friendships that will far outlast this contest.

The fact that I've made it into the top 25, out of 2,800 original participants ain't bad either. (PS It's up to the judges now, so no more emails from me about voting). What really made the news special was when Round 3 was announced, I was actually at a private retreat with the mentors who inspired the characters in the book. How cool is that?

So now I'm back to my "Sacred Hour" of writing every day, and am immersed in the second draft... realizing just how much I missed these people. The bonds I've formed with my characters are as strong as my friendships among the other participants. To the mind and heart, there is no separation, right?

So what about you?

More than likely it's not your birthday today (I know one other exception to that... Happy Birthday!!) yet we are half way through the course of the year.

Are you half way to your goals for January 1, next year? What do you need to add, subtract or adjust?

I changed course a couple of times this year, and have gotten farther because of it. So it's far from "too late". Even if you make fewer steps this year, you can still take big strides.

"But only if you DARE."

Keep the light on!

Oh, it was nothing...

Love more
Nothing really is something.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

You always have a choice; even not to believe that.

Have you ever found yourself saying "I don't have a choice" followed by details about "responsibilities" or "inabilities" of some sort; really convincing yourself that there's only one way for you to go.

For that one moment, you're right.

It's not true, but you are right.

You have "no choice" but not because there aren't choices, but rather because you either can't see other options or believe that everything else is less than desirable.

Oh sure, you may face a lot of unpleasant choices, and opt for the less painful one... but what's really, really (really) important here is the recognition that you are STILL MAKING A CHOICE.

Recognizing that brings the control of the situation to you... and that the first step to having more control, and more choices, in the future.

After that, open up your mind to the possibility of other possibilities. When you tie yourself down by limited thoughts and beliefs, you end up with limited results; and that in turn makes it appear like you have less choices.

Expand yourself! The bigger you are, the more choices you have. If you increase your wealth, your health, your family, your friends, your circle expands; and your choices expand in all directions.

Perhaps it comes in the form of more education... or better associations with people living the life you wish for... or a better paying job... whatever it is, go for it. Go for something bigger than your circumstances.

That is... if you want to have more choices.

If you prefer to think you have no choice; well, that's your choice.

Just choose wisely.

Keep the light on!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Love more
Sometimes what youdon't say is more important.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Those who know, know.. y'know?

There's a saying, "never explain, your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it anyway" yet all too often we get distracted by someone else's opinion that is less than favorable.

That happens because we have this desire to be loved and accepted by all, and it can be shocking to find out that other people simply don't see the world the way we do. Or even tougher to deal with, another person has gone on a very direct attack on our beliefs or our character.

It can be so jarrng as to knock you out of the game.

If you let it.

So don't.

Everyone has an opinion
First take a look at what they're saying. Is it simply a difference of perspective? They may not be attacking youl they may simply be stating their view in a very strong way. You can look at that with curiosity, instead of defensiveness and see if you may sway in yoru opinion or reconfirm your own perspective.

Consider the source
Is this someone who genuinely loves and cares about you and what they are saying is in your best interest? Is it well-intended? Or is this someone who feels the need to put you down in order for them to feel better about themselves? Some people are disruptive because it's the only way they know how to stay in control. Instead of reacting to them in a confrontation, you have other choices. You can question them to see how strong they can withstand scrutiny, or you can choose to ignore them, if their argument does nto warrent further discussion.

Seek good company
Confronting others can leave you frazzled. Seek out the company of people who love and support you. It will be a welcome relief and give you a 'safe' place to recuperate.

Get to the core
Reflect upon the very core of the issue. Learn, if there are lessons. Reconnect, if there are commitments. It never hurts to reconnect to your core values; in fact, it can be invigorating.

Get back on course
Get back to taking actions that are true to yourself and your beliefs. Just because the wind blows doesn't mean you ahve to go off-course. You can just adjust your sails.

Keep the light on!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just a Li'l

We spend a lot of time thinking we need to do a lot of stuff; only to end up doing nothing and losing what time we have. We make it a big all-or-nothing deal, when really all we need is just a lil something to make it all happen.

I used to write "BTN" on the board whenever I was working on a project. People used to think it stood for "button" and wondered "why would he put a button up in that corner?" It actuality, it stood for "Better Than Nothing" and it was to be a simple solution for an immediate need. Many of them grew to become quite something.

It just goes to show you what can happen when you throw in just a lil bit of magic.

Learn a Li'l
It's time to think of one thing that we don't know; doesn't matter what it is... just something we'd like to know that we don't know now. Look it up on the web, go to the library, ask a friend... but take the first step to learning it. The answers are out there, we just need to find them.

Learning just one lil thing adds to the toolbox from which we'll work.

Do a Li'l
Then there's all that stuff that we know we need to do, but have been putting off... fixing the faucet, cleaning out the garage, returning that phone call. Rather than put it off, which really only keeps it hovering over our lives, why not just 'bite the bullet' and get it out of the way.

Doing a lil something that we don't want to do can bring great relief once it's done.

Do a Li'l More
The stuff we do well, we often take for granted. We think since we do it right, we don't need to do it better. Challenge that. Ask, "can I do a lil something to make this good thing great?" You'll be surprised when you realize you can.

We come into this world taking lil steps. It worked then. It'll work now.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WRONG= Whatever Redirects Our Natural Grace

First off, 'wrong' is a judgmental label, and it's really not my place to discuss that. However, the thoughts we think and the actions that we take do result in experiences that we either like or don't like. So in that case, 'wrong' is any direction that's bumpier than you want it to be.

That's why I broke it down to be "Whatever Redirects Our Natural Grace".

At first I was tempted to say "Natural Growth" but that would have been "wrong" because oftentimes it's the bumpiest, most painful experiences that help us grow the most.

Instead I chose to focus on that inner state of being that we all have; the one that's sheltered from the storm of the physical world; that knows divinity outside the daily world.

Grace is the peaceful state of our spirit; the one we can 'hear' when we're silent... and it's the most natural state of being. when we let it flow to the surface, peace permeates every pore of our lives. When we push our daily worries down inside us, our grace gets clogged and unable to do what it does best.

So it's easy to tell if something is 'wrong'. Just ask yourself, "is there Grace here?" If you can feel the peace and purpose and love and light, then you're on the 'right' track.

Whatever Redirects Our Natural Grace is 'WRONG'

So ask yourself, "Really, Is Grace Here Today?"


Keep the light on!


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Love more
Love helps us re-remember

If it was 'easier done than said' would you do it?

In my inspirational talks to people, I love showing people just how far they really can go. This is typically met with that oft-said resister, "That's easier said than done."

Well, duh!

Why do you think I SAID it?

My 'typical' response back to them includes things like:

"I never said it was easy..."

"Most things are..."


"It's easier done than not done."

All too often, people say "it's easier said than done" not as a recognition of saying vs doing. It's said as an excuse for not doing it.

No matter how much the person may claim they want something, "ESTD" means "It's 'too much work' and I'm not gonna do it."

Fine. No, really, that's fine... don't do it.

Just don't want it anymore...

Just don't sit there depressed or angry with the way things are, and drown yourself in your sorrows and reality series, dreaming you lost all the weight or won the million dollars.

Yes, it IS easier said than done.

But do you WANT it?

If you DO, then you need to DO it.

In the end, it won't have been easier done than said, but it will be so much sweeter a reward DONE, than said and NOT DONE.

Get in it!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyone who has ever failed can tell you how hard it is. So can everyone who succeeded.

Life has its ups and downs, its good moments and bad; times when it seems like it's working for you, and other times when it's working against you... but guess what? It isn't.

It does what it does, because it is what it is.

It only SEEMS like it's doing something because of what YOU are doing at the time.

It's like the wind. It's just blowing. It's 'easy' when you're going in its direction, 'difficult' when you're not.

The more you learn to work WITH the wind, the easier it will become. If you're like a kite, the wind against you will take you higher... and it will do so 'easily'.

The same goes for people in their pursuit of happiness and success. Some people seem to 'have it all' while others struggle with the simplest of things. It's usually just jealousy rearing its ugly head when you look at someone else and think they've "got it easy".

People see the boss in the fancy car in the fancy driveway and think it just magically came to them. Yet they never saw the years of long hours, battling poverty and doubt, only to persevere while others gave up.

That's the secret... perseverance... and faith. Belief in what you're doing, enough to keep going while the wind is against you.

"Hard times" are pretty much the same for everyone, even though they differ in their details. The biggest difference between success and failure is:

What are you going to do about it?

Keep the light on!

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Sunday, August 08, 2010


Some things say more the less they get said.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Commmit, Don't Conflict

Making our dreams a reality takes commitment, determination. Each of our actions must be sincere, full of integrity and in line with the intended outcome. However, all too often, something else comes up, with seemingly good intentions, that require the same type of commitment. Then, like two horses pulling in opposite directions, we get nowhere.

If it doesn't fit, it shouldn't conflict...

Know the outcome
It's important to focus on the end goal; not only to know what it is, but embrace it. See it, feel it, be it. If there's more than one, then serious choices have to be made. If they live in harmony, and enhance one another, great. Perhaps they can even be combined into a single vision. If however they contradict one another, then every action we take will be away from one or the other.

"What do I want?"

Measure everything
In every moment, we are met up with events. They may be good; they may be bad; they may go unnoticed... but to every moment there is an action, or a reaction. Something is happening... and that something is either helping to move us forward or it's not. Whenever a new event enters our life, it's important to check it up against our outcomes.

"Will this get me there?"

Don't commit
... to anything, or everything... at least until it's been measured. Nothing kills a dream quicker than a commitment to something else.

"Does it fit?"

Speaking of commitment, this is the right time to recommit to current goals. It's time to look around and see how it's been going, to determine what still needs to get done.

"Do I still want it?"

Follow throughThen all that's left is the doing. "Doing" is the only way to get things done.

"When am I going to make it happen?"

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

2 Steps 2 Success: 1) Do the best u can with what you've got 2) Do better next time.

How many times have you heard someone say (or were guilty of saying it yourself) that you could be successful "if only..." and then you filled in the blank with some form of lack. Then to top it off, they (or you) look at someone else who's having great success and wonder how can someone with less (fill in the blank) possibly be farther along than them (you).

Sound familiar?

That's because while one person was making excuses, the other was making progress.

Who do you want to be?

If you want to make progress, you don't need to have (fill in the blank) right now... just begin to go in the direction you want to be. You'll pick it up along the way.

Besides, you can't start from 'there'... you can only start from 'here'

So start here... and give it your best... each and every time...

... then live and learn to do better next time.

Keep the light on!


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