Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shoulda, Time Stealer

GURUSTU NEWS (GN) A dangerous criminal "Should" escaped around New Years, during Resolution Season. Also known as "Shoulda," has been seen with accomplices, "Coulda" and "Woulda." They are very dangerous, and have been known to steal, and even kill, Time...


In both of its forms, "Should" and "Shoulda" have a way of wasting your time; and it's gotta stop!

"Should" is that thing that you just HAVE to do, but know you're really not going to do it... so you say it to acknowledge that it's the right thing to do... all the while reprimanding yourself for not doing it sooner, if at all...

"Shoulda" is the same thing, only you're facing the wrong way. You're looking back, full of regret and 20/20 hindsight... and slapping yourself because you SHOULD have known better.

Well, you didn't know better... and if you did, you made different choices then than you would now. In any of case, just get over it.

The easiest fix to all this is to forget the shoulda's, focus on tomorrow and either replace the "should do's" with the "will do's" or just don't do.

You really should drop "should" from your vocabulary, shouldn't you?

So will you?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Don´t Blame Me!!

Pointing the finger isn't just child's play. We still do it as adults... every day. And as long as it's "someone else's problem" we can just ignore it, right?... unfortunately that also robs us of something more important - our own empowerment.

Putting off problems to someone else doesn't solve it. In fact, it can come back and haunt you even more. So rather than deflect and defer, why not respect and respond?


Don't look for someone or something to blame

Think of how much further you'll get if you spend your time looking for solutions. Besides, if you find someone else to blame, think of how much time they're going to lose blaming YOU.

Taking the responsibility isn't taking the blame

Being "responsible" puts you in a position of power... and being in power means that you can help control how the solution will be implemented. Are you really comfortable with someone else's solution?

Make Allegiances

Form a team of allies; especially with the person who started the blame game. There is less resistance if your "enemy" becomes your "ally," and that will get you to the solution quicker.

Keep relationships intact

Remember that the relationship between people is more important than winning an argument. If you can all value that, no problem is too big to tackle.

Keep focus on the solutions

There's a natural tendency to want to figure out what went wrong, so as not to do it again. Nothing wrong with that, except when the return on that investment amounts to very little. Before you begin to look back, ask yourself if it would be better to just keep looking forward. Some things are better just fixed and forgotten.

Learn and move on

When it's all over, then you can review and see what NOT to do again in the future. Then, once you learned something GET ON WITH IT.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

You Got It...

You've got all you need to move to the next level... because if Time is infinite into the Past and equally infinite into the Future, then you are in the exact center of Time... and being in the center you have 360 degrees of choice in every moment... so don't worry about the "Big Picture."

There is no "Big Picture"

Even if there ARE "Master Plans" and "Grand Schemes" out there, when you get far enough away to see the "Big Picture" ... with all the people, and all the moments, and all the 360 degrees ... you will see that the real Big Picture is nothing but a Sea of Endless Possibilities...

... and your life is seen simply as a Pattern along one Path.

Even if it's easier...

... to do what you did before...

... or do nothing...

Remember, you always have the Choice and the Power to make a different choice.

And you don't need anything you don't already have...

... to move to that next step.

There's 360 choices in this very moment...

... and the next one as well.

The Bigger Picture is only seen after many next steps...

... so choose one

... and take it.