Monday, February 28, 2011

Life isn't about what you live WITH, but what you live FOR.

"Life isn't fair."

I hear that a lot.

Sometimes it's from jealousy of someone else's perceived good fortunes; or sympathetic anger at the suffering in the world.

And you're right, it isn't fair.
But it goes beyond common understanding; and doesn't fit neatly into our boxes of Right and Wrong.

It is what it is.

It's important to realize that everyone's got STUFF. For some, it's expensive luggage; for others, just costly baggage.

But whatever it is, it's just stuff that stays with us, as long as we carry it.

It isn't all there is.

Beyond all this 'humanity' that we get caught up in is something that's bigger than all of us combined.


It's not what you do, or have, or want. It's WHY you do, and have, and want.

It's what pulls you into the future.

And the stronger the force of your purpose, the farther into the future you will go.

So make it a good one... A big one... Bigger than your STUFF.

Only focus on WHAT if you want WHATever. Focus on what FOR if you want to reach FORever.

For you...
Keep the light on!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Every moment gives you 3 choices: Waste, Spend or Invest it. You can only choose one.

Give me a moment to compose myself...
Ahhh, that was good.

The most amazing thing just happened... And is happening again right now!

We're sharing a moment.

Isn't that amazing (when you think about it)?

I have a lot of great moments in my Time. How about you?

I know Time flies and all. Do you ever ride it?

Every moment we live, we have a choice as to what to do with it.

We can waste it or spend it or invest in it... but we can only do one per moment. That's all that'll fit.

But sometimes it's hard to know what we're doing with it. We think we were doing one thing, but then it turned out to be something else?

How do we know?


By seeing what comes OUT of that moment.

For every 'unit' of effort you put into the moment, something comes back. If it's 'nothing' then the time was pretty much wasted.

If you get one for one, i.e. You get something out of whatever you're doing... then that's spending your time.

And if you get out more than you put in; well, that's an investment.

Examples of this would be: watching a TV show you don't like (waste!); watching a TV show that entertains or informs you (spend); and watching a TV show that educates you or motivates you into action (huge investment!)

Same Actions, but notice the difference in Results?

Once you pack up the moment, it gets shipped into the Past, so you can see how important it is to use it wisely, right?

If you don't get how important that is... then take another moment.


Keep the light on!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To find yourself, stop looking.

Hey, look over there! Did you just see yourself going by? No, maybe you can try looking someplace else.

Still no luck, maybe you should just pick up and move... Or quit everything you've been doing and start over.

You ever notice how that doesn't work very well? That you or someone you know keeps finding the same things over and over, no matter where you go, or who you're with?

Is it that some people are just luckier, smarter, richer, better looking?

Yeah, I know... 'If only' right?

Let me ask you this then... What do you think the chances are of you switching lives with someone else?

Not very likely?

Then why do you live by their standards?

Why do you think their opinions matter more than yours?

Why are you trying to find U in THEM?

Why not see U in UNIQUE?




Stop looking, and instead just BE.

Which, by the way, is the start of something BEAUTIFUL.

Keep the light on,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Inaction is better as two words

I was going to write this 'Seed' yesterday. Do you know why you didn't get it? Because I didn't write it.

That's how powerful inaction is. You do nothing, you get nothing. Amazingly simple, isn't it?

Too bad we don't want for nothing, because then we'd be happy for nothing at all. Unfortunately, when most people get nothing, it's nothing like what they really wanted.

In order to succeed, we need a disconnect. Having 'in' and 'action' together just adds up to nothing.

Turn them into 'in action' and then you're really on to something!

So when you're sitting there with all your pent-up desires, just doing nothing, take them out and put them in action.

Soon you'll discover that something in action is definitely better than nothing inaction!

Keep the light on!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is the answer. Any questions?

A lot of holidays are filled with Love, but nothing quite shouts it like Valentine's Day.

It's all about Love; and even if you don't have it around, it's certainly on your mind.

But just because Valentine's Day is all about Love, Love isn't just about Valentine's Day.

Love is so much more.

Love, and the absence of Love, has shaped worlds. It is so much a part of the Human Condition.

But if you were to ask a million people 'What is Love?' you'd end up with two million answers and three million more questions.

So keep the answer simple:

Love is.

It may come in the form of a lover, a parent, a child, a friend, a pet, a job or a meal; it'll look different to different people and at different times. But still...

Love is.

It is the answer to everything. That may seem like a cliche, but everything done with Love and in Love, just IS more.

Love may not be the Cure All, but it is the Endure All. It gets us through the rough times and can grow, even when everything else in life is shrinking away.

It is around us, and inside us... In more real ways than words can explain.

Just suffice it to say...

Love is.

And YOU are, too.

Start there.

Keep the light on!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you can't find it, make it.

I once heard a quote that said 'Everything that can be invented has already been invented.' It was supposedly made in 1899.

Well, I verified on the internet, from my wireless cellphone, that both the quote, and the belief behind the quote, are both false. The quote never got said and, well, frankly, the world isn't done yet.

The world is constantly changing, so even if 1899 had everything it needed, today is very different. Tomorrow's going to be different too.

It's there, in the mystery of tomorrow's ever-changing needs, where the door of Opportunity is wide open for YOU.

Look around you... But not at what is THERE. Instead, look for what is NOT there, but should be.

Then go about finding a way to put it there.

Inventing something new, re-invents you. It makes you more valuable (and as I said in previous notes, the more value you give, the more success you can receive).

Now go make the most of today. Tomorrow's going to need it.

Keep the light on!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Work what works.

It's amazing how many times people keep doing what doesn't work, even when they know that it's obviously not working.

Some people are so superstitious that they think the one time they DON'T do something, would be the one time it actually WOULD work.

Yet some people don't know any better; while others believe that theirs is already the best way. Then there are those that fear change, and others who fear 'work'.

Then it plays out all over again.

'You look great! What's your secret?'
'Diet and Exercise.'

You don't really need secrets to be successful. You can just follow in the footsteps of other successful people. The only 'secret' is that you actually have to WALK and not just TALK.

So if you're doing something that doesn't work, stop it! Sticking with it only turns it into 'Work'. And if all you get out of it are more excuses, don't just walk... RUN!


If you've discover something that DOES work, either by you or someone else, then get out and 'work it!'

Working what works, works.

And I'm not just saying that.

Keep the light on!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Don't work for Success. Give Value instead.

My parents worked very hard to instill the virtues of working hard. It didn't work.

Not that they didn't instill that virtue, or that I didn't work hard; it's just that working harder didn't work.
Then I met some really smart people, who told me to 'Work Smarter, not Harder'. It was pretty clever, but it still felt like I was pushing myself out into the world, hoping that someone would really, really like me.

So I decided to look deeper... deeper within myself and deeper into the world. I discovered that the most success doesn't come from hard work or even well intended efforts. Success comes to those who provide the most VALUE to others.

It doesn't matter what you have to SELL; what matters is what others want to BUY.
Sounds pretty simple, huh?

It is... sort of.

It's not just about 'giving the people what they want' cause that's just an insincere form of selling.

It's really about connecting and understanding the needs of others.

It's also about digging deep within yourself, aligning your gifts with those need, and then giving it all you've got.

Become Value-able.

But then don't just give until you've got nothing left... Because then you'll lose that value.

Be open to replenishment. Receive the rewards so that you can come back tomorrow to give some more.

And that, dear one, is my gift to you.

Keep the light on!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Even if you have limited options, you always have choice.

A lot of people I know like to chat the mantra 'I have no choice' to which I often reply, 'you may have limited options, but you always have choice.'

You see, whenever we say 'I don't have a choice' we're really giving our power away to someone or something else. Some people are afraid to take responsibility, or want to be able to blame someone else later or genuinely believe they are powerless.

Now that doesn't mean that the choice is easy, or that there aren't huge risks associated with that choice. Life comes with consequences. But, but, but... We are still the ones who make the choice.

And yes, yes, yes... I know that thoughts of the criminally insane and hostile third world countries are dancing in your head right now. Sure THEY don't have a choice!

Yeah, sorry, they do.

Their choices may not make sense to us; or may violate the core of our moral being... But choices are made.

I'm not talking about Right vs Wrong, Good vs Evil; I'm talking about the Power of Choice... Something that we all have.

And let's face it, you're thinking about the insane and imprisoned so that you can justify not making your own choices, right?

If you're insane or imprisoned, you're probably not reading this, so I'm talking to YOU... The one who has a sense of Rightness and Goodness and can make Choices, even when others disagree.

So YOU, what's it gonna be? Are you going to continue choosing to not choose... Or are you going to take back your power?

I'll leave that choice up to you.

Keep the light on!
(Which is my choice!!)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Success comes when the dream of tomorrow outweighs the dread of today.

All you have to do is talk to you neighbor about finances or turn on the news for clips of the latest unrest, and you can see how truly dread-full Life can be. There hasn't been a moment in history that you couldn't find some reason to be unhappy.

There also hasn't been a moment in history that couldn't be considered the 'good ole days'.

Life changes when our perspectives change.

It not only changes how we sees things, it changes what we see... And it initiates actions, that eventually changes everything.

Most of Life's biggest changes came when people saw through the dread of the day, and dreamed of something better.

It's the same in our own lives. Whenever we look at our surroundings and our circumstances and think that this is IT, we simply stop trying to achieve a better tomorrow.

It's not something we can 'get over' or hide from. It's something we have to get THROUGH. For it is through today that we reach tomorrow, and it's through the dread that we learn to reach our dreams.

Keep the light on!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Regift You

This past holiday I played a lot of those 'White Elephant' games. You know the ones, where you try to get rid of all the junk you got the year before. I played it so much that I almost got a gift back!

But that's all in good fun, and not really what regifting is all about. Ideally, regifting is making sure that a gift is giving to someone who will get more meaning and enjoyment out of it.

So what about all those gifts you were given at birth?

Do you have talents that you've been giving to others? Or are you hiding them away, so that no one even knows?

You know that you have those gifts because you're supposed to give and give, then give some more, right?

You know that keeping them to yourself is kind of selfish, right?

And leaves you no room to receive the gifts of others, right?

And you do know that even though the Season of Giving is over, the Reason for Regiving is an every day thing? Right?

Of course you know all this.
Just consider this reminder as my gift.

Keep the light on!