Sunday, January 31, 2010

Positively No...

Peace and Quiet
You attitude affects your altitude

It's the Little Things

Even the mightiest of oaks starts as the tiniest of acorns. Neither one is greater than the other; they’re just merely different forms of the same thing. And yet, we often look around our lives and see things from only today’s perspective. We look up at the oak, but down at the acorn. Sometimes we fail to realize that it’s really the acorn that makes all the difference.

We can control the little things
It’s far easier to take that acorn and do something with it, than it is to conquer the oak. If we look around our lives, we’ll see many, many acorns. Now is the time to grab the ones we want to plant, not later when they grow beyond us.

We can nurture the little things
Bigger trees need more stuff… more sunlight, more water. Little things just need a little bit of nurturing to get them started.

We can dedicate ourselves to the little things
Sometimes dedicating yourself to big things just seems to be overwhelming. Tat alone can stop us from even trying. If what we’re trying to do, or trying to get, seems small; then it makes us “go for it” where other times we wouldn’t even try.

We can change the course of the little things
Pivotal moments are actually tiny moments. They just have a HUGE impact on everything from that moment onward. It’s in those tiny moments that we have the most power; we control the direction of where it’s going. Better to be aware, and to be in control, of those pivotal moments; so that we can adjust as we go.

We can love the little things
Love is big, regardless of size. Love isn’t earned by how much something grows, or how big it is. It simply is; and it’s loved or not loved for what it is. Let’s not wait for something to grow before we decide to love it or not. It needs more love at the beginning anyway… so love freely and often.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can you see it?

Peace and Quiet
You'll see it when you believe it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Body for a Lifetime

The wedding vows say “'Til Death do us part” but we all know that that statement is true only about half the time. The one place where it’s true all the time is between you and your body. For better or worse, you two will be together ‘til death steps in.

The goal is to make sure that relationship stays intact until the end.

Some of it is going to sound like common sense and other parts will sound like sales pitches, but the concepts behind taking care of your body are fundamentally important. You’re in it for life. Hopefully that’s a long term commitment; filled with a lot of happiness and very little pain.

Now this won’t guarantee any of that, but improving your chances is E-Z…

I know a number of people who don’t exercise because they’re tired; and a lot of people who exercise who aren’t tired. I know for a fact that the more intense I exercise, the less intense everything else in life becomes. There IS a correlation.

Eat Right
Unfortunately, in today’s society eating wrong is easier. We don’t think we have enough time and then we think that this junk is better than nothing. Our bodies can only keep itself running smoothly with the nutrition we provide. Garbage in, garbage out. Not today, so we won’t notice it… but eventually it’ll become too late. Invest IN yourself.

Easy does it
We also need a break from all the stress we put on ourselves. Rest is really important to regenerate our bodies. A change of scenery is really good to refresh our brains. Constant stress wears us down. “Easy” doesn’t mean slacking; it means releasing tension.

Life’s about balance. Work, play, rest. If you find yourself doing too much of one, take some time to do the other stuff.

Whether you believe in a Spiritual Being, or a Life Force or a Sub-Atomic Energy Cycle, energy is what keeps us going. What that energy is has been the most misunderstood and misrepresented thing on the planet. What matters though is that we’re connected to it. It is the fuel that is within us as well as around us. It IS us, whatever you call it… so reach out and connect!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

If it fits...

Peace and Quiet
Do you have it together?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Peace and Quiet
Slice off a peace

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Daydream Believer

We have a lot of power at our disposal. We can tap into it at any time and no special equipment is needed. It’s misunderstood and under-used by millions. A lot of other people see it as a bad thing, even though they’ve probably been caught doing it too. It’s called “daydreaming.”

Daydreams aren’t for losers or people out to waste their time. Daydreams are amazing tools of creativity, which can unlock our deepest potential and create the life we’re meant to live.

Dream of the Impossible

Our minds are not tethered by any the laws of nature, so we can go ahead and dream up anything we want. By freeing our thoughts we can uncover our deepest wishes… some we may not have even imagined we had.

Dream of the Possible

The next thing to do is to pull out of our dreams all those elements that could actually become real for us. Now we mustn’t get caught up in low self-esteem and the limited ideals that often keep us trapped away from success. We just need to ask ourselves “is it possible” not whether it’s easy or whether it’ll take a lot of other people to make it happen. Just “is it possible?”

Dream of the Day-to-Day

The next thing to do is to picture what our dream would look like on a daily basis. Don’t say “massage in the morning and golf at noon” because those are benefits, but rather picture what it would be like to do the daily things of a successful life.

Wake up!

Now stop dreaming and start planning. The bigger the dream, the more effort that’s got to go into it. Map it out. Set out little goals to head in the right direction. Take it upon yourself to make it happen.

Guru-cise It

Start small, with something that might need just a little attention. For example, a problem that needs to be solved at work or at home. Begin by thinking of the ultimate solution, free of any boundaries. Let your imagination soar. Then go through the steps of picking out the possible and see if there’s anything that can actually make it better.

Monday, January 04, 2010

You know you want it...

Get it?
It's easier to see when it's clear.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Now's the time to make New Year's Real Solutions.

New Year's Resolutions are getting a bad rap. Just because a number of other people have made promises that they know they can't or won't keep doesn't mean that you shouldn't make promises to yourself.

Lately it's gotten so hip to put down resolutions... everyone explaining why they don't work, or why they'll never make them for themselves, yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah... but nevertheless, "resolution" means to commit to a something, a determination to follow through. How is that a bad thing?

The transition from an old to a new year is an excellent time to reflect upon the achievements and lessons of the past, and then to set a new course for the future. Sure it can be done on any other day of the year, but the world's made it a habit to do it at the "New Year"... so take advantage of it.

Make one (or two)

Then, all you have to do is stick to it and show everyone else how it's done.

Keep the light on!