Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giving in is not giving up

Life has its moments... of uplifting joy and debilitating sadness. Welcome to Life. It only seems unfair because we can't feel the pain of others, and our load seems heaviest because it's what we have to carry.

But everyone goes through life in their own way, the best way they know how.

And I know that there are times when you feel that the best you can do isn't good enough... that it's all 'too much'... and you just want to give up. I get it. I've been there.

But it's at times like that when giving up just won't solve the problem. In fact, it probably will make it worse.

So, instead, just give in.

Give in to the pain and the sorrow... and the frustrations that darken every moment. You're human... and one of the gifts we get with the human experience is feeling emotions. THEY are not our enemies. So don't fight THEM.

When you give up, you stop taking action. When you give in, you might feel horrible, but you do it anyway. When you give up, you can feel like a failure... when you give in, you end up feeling human (and that's really not a bad thing at all!)

So give yourself permission to be yourself... going through what you're going through. Feel that you're going to feel, and adjust your actions to match your current CIRCUMSTANCES rather than your current MOOD.

You are better than what tries to bring you down. So don't give in to THEM... give in to YOU.

And THAT will keep the light on!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Piece, Out...

Peace by Piece... a New Dawn Awaits!

Remember the interview I did on Saturday with E. Dee Conrad? Well, today (Tuesday September 21st) is the official launch of the brand new book by E.Dee Conrad, A New Dawn Awaits: The Times ahead and How to Shift Your Consciousness.

What's most interesting is that this book, which has so much to do with the future of humanity, is celebrating its launch on World Peace Day (although the launch wasn't planned that way). In this time of stress and anxiety the link between E.Dee’s book and World Peace Day seems such a perfect fit.

A New Dawn Awaits is described as being, “a compassionate and inspiring channelled collection of short inspirational reflections, bringing together wisdom of the ages, showing us how to access knowledge that has been part of our consciousness, but has been dormant, for eons. It is a book to help readers reach inwards into their divine essence and outwards to the energy that connects us as one humanity.”

The launch started officially at 12:01 AM Pacific, Tuesday September 21st.

If you purchase A New Dawn Awaits today, you can receive a complete library of personal development gifts from dozens of leading authors, coaches, healers and teachers on the subject of consciousness and self-awareness.

To purchase the book can claim your bonus gifts, just go to

There you will find links to purchase the book from Amazon (US, Canada and UK), and instructions on how to claim your bonus gifts, including a collection of my cartoons, "Toon Up Your Life" and some other stuff I threw in "just because."

Last week, hundreds of listeners got to know 1st-time author E.Dee Conrad, when she and me dear friend Lynn Serafinn co-hosted the 3-Day Telesummit entitled, “The Shift. The Message. The Transformation.” If you were amongst these listeners, I'm sure you'll agree with Lynn when she says, “E.Dee is one of the kindest, most balanced and natural people I know, and her message is full of compassion, hope and common sense.”

Lynn also says, “I believe when people read New Dawn Awaits, it will help them to rise above the anxieties the media tend to stir up about the future. On the other hand, I also believe E.Dee’s book will help to bring people’s understanding of the evolution of consciousness out of the realm of the ‘cosmic’, and back down to Earth at a practical level.”

I know E.Dee’s motivation for writing the book is simply to “get the message out”: the message that “a new dawn awaits” —a bright and exciting new dawn—for all of us in the times ahead. I do encourage you to check out A New Dawn Awaits on World Peace Day, Tuesday Sept 21st.

Buy A New Dawn Awaits by E.Dee Conrad on Sept 21st
and can claim your bonus gifts at

Don’t worry about not having enough time to download all the bonus gifts. As long as you purchase the book during the launch, you’ll have access to the download page until the end of September.

AND… if you happened to miss the 3-Day Telesummit, you also can download the audio for free when you buy the book during the launch, as her gift to you.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Know your limitations. None.

From the time we're born, we're taught to believe that we are limited; constantly told we can't do something, or are compared to others, or told that we need to be humble about our own magnificence.

Now I know that not everyone does things the same... and, of course, there are people who excel at things you don't... but that doesn't mean that you have to feel LIMITED.

The secret is to do what you do do and don't do what you don't do.

Within the realm of your possibilities are infinite combinations. All you need to do is focus on what you do well, and do it better... fill yourself up and push aside whatever makes you feel "less than".

... Then have fun mixing and matching your skills until you can discover just how multi-faceted you really are.

Keep the light on!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today is where tomorrow begins...

A New Dawn AwaitsWhenever I go on an adventure, I love taking a tour, don't you? It not only helps you to find your way around, it gives you details you wouldn't get by going it alone.

The same goes for this little stop here.

This is Day 12 of the Virtual Blog Tour for A New Dawn Awaits by author E.Dee Conrad, and I'm your humble tour guide for the day.

A New Dawn Awaits is a compassionate and inspiring channelled collection of short inspirational reflections, bringing together wisdom of the ages, showing us how to access knowledge that has been part of our consciousness, but has been dormant, for eons. E.Dee’s intention in writing this book is to help readers reach inwards into their divine essence and outwards to the energy that connects us as one humanity.

Yesterday, E.Dee visited Callie Carling’s blog

As part of my teaching "DARE to be your BEST" I stress the importance of going beyond Thought. Of course, Thoughts ultimately creates our Physical Worlds, but what creates Thought?

So, for today’s stop on the tour, I interview E.Dee on the topic of consciousness, that which shapes our thoughts, and where we, as a humanity, are heading next.E. Dee Conrad

* * * * *

Stuart: So tell me, what is "Consciousness"?

E.Dee: Consciousness is your awareness of your unique thoughts, emotions, memories, and environment. It is your awareness of what is going on around you and inside of you.

Stuart: How can someone become a "conscious being"?

E.Dee: A “conscious being” is one who is knowingly aware of what is going on in their internal as well as external worlds. We can all increase our level of individual awareness by paying attention to our thoughts.

Stuart: If thoughts shape our reality, what shapes our thoughts?

E.Dee: Emotions are the cornerstone upon which all thoughts and actions are based. Without emotions, there would be no you. Emotions create and color your thoughts. These thoughts then bring about a manifested reality, a tangible world full of experiences and events.

Stuart: People often think they want something that they really don't want? How can they get into alignment with what they truly want?

E.Dee: One way is to become aware of what emotion is driving the desire. Is it a positive and constructive emotion or is it a negative and destructive emotion?

In order to be in balance and harmony with the universe, try to live your life according to the principles of unconditional love and gratitude. Try to think of others like you would want them to think of you. Treat others like you would want them to treat you.

Stuart: What trips people up the most when manifesting things into their lives?

E.Dee: Not knowing or understanding what is really motivating you or what emotion is driving you can create hiccups in the manifestation process. For example, if you are trying to manifest a new job and your motivation is a need for power, then you will never have enough to alleviate the thirst for power because it is a negative emotion and negative emotions can never be fully satisfied.

Don’t try to control or create your future. Life is not meant to be a struggle or a competition. Life is a delicate balance few of us understand, so let go and see what life brings.

Learn to embrace change and take action from a place of peace and balance, and not fear or doubt. Be grateful for what you have and what you do not have, knowing that you are a creator of your life, not a victim of it.

Stuart: With 2012 just around the corner, some people are saying that the world is coming to an end, while others say it's just coming to an end as we know it. Where do you see the world coming to?

E.Dee: The universe, like nature, is cyclical and we are coming to the end of a cycle. At this moment, we are standing on stage and ready to witness the greatest transformation of spirit humankind has ever experienced. Humanity is beginning to wake up to the true nature of reality. Not everyone will make the shift at this time, but those who do will find themselves in a world where spiritual growth has replaced greed and the need for money and power.

Stuart: What can we do NOW to change tomorrow?

E.Dee: Become aware of your thoughts. Awareness alone is enough to bring about a change in your thought patterns without additional effort on your part. Your negative thoughts will automatically decrease and your positive thoughts will increase, bringing about a better life for you and everyone else.

Stop putting out more hatred and fear. Take responsibility and do what you can to minimize the cycle of pain and grief the world is now experiencing. Get in touch with your inner self, your inner being, and re-access your limitless supply of compassion and understanding. Help make the world a better place immediately by putting away your fears and worries and getting in touch with your eternal core, your eternal essence of love.

You don’t have to become perfect overnight. All you have to do is make an attempt…try. That is all you have to do in order to proceed to the next level of being.

Stuart: Thanks for sharing YOUR thoughts!

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed this interview with E.Dee Conrad and that you’ll check out her book A New Dawn Awaits, which is coming to Amazon on Tuesday September 21, 2010. You can receive a collection of over 30 beautiful personal development gifts when you buy her book on the day of her launch.

In addition, E.Dee is hosting a very special FREE telesummit entitled “The Shift. The Message. The Transformation” on September 14th, 15th and 16th with nine of today’s most vibrant authors and speakers on the topic of the consciousness, transformation and the global “shift” occurring on our planet today. If you’d like to attend, all you have to do is request a “launch reminder” about the book, and you’ll receive all the information to attend. If you cannot make the live event, you can download the audio at your convenience.

To find out how to buy E.Dee’s book and receive these gifts, including the FREE pass to the 3-day online telesummit, go to

AND you can read all about the telesummit and the guests on the 3 days at

Be sure to follow E.Dee tomorrow when the next stop on her Virtual Blog Tour is
Paula Tarrant’s blog at

As usual, please do feel free to share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.

* * * * *

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

When you're a party of one, shouldn't you be the life of it?

Parties are interesting events, aren't they? Some people love 'em, other people despise them. And then there are your characters, the "one in every crowd"... the loner/wallflower on the one end and the 'life of the party' on the other.

So which are you?

And which one are you when you're a 'party of one'?

You know that old adage, "Bitter... Party of One... Bitter... Party of One!" which is very true that bitter people tend to be alone... but that doesn't mean the reverse has to be true; that just because you're alone, there has to be something wrong.

Now we could talk about being in a relationship and all that, but that's really another story. I just would really rather talk about You... Alone.

Being alone is freedom, even if it's only for five minutes. When you're alone, you're 'it' and the time is all yours.

So do you spend most of it feeling bad that you're alone? Or do you do things just for you? Do you tap into the awesome power of Aloneness?

If you're next thoughts wander into 'but I never have ENOUGH time' or 'I don't know what to do with myself' then you're wasting time. You're wasting NOW because you're thinking about doing nothing when you are alone (when you have no what, you have nowhere)... and you're really going to be wasting time when you get to 'Alone' because you came into it unprepared.

So take the time now, whether you're alone now or not, and think about what YOU really, really want to do.

Then when you have the time to yourself. jump at the opportunity...

... and party hearty!

Keep the light on!


More Now Later...

I love the Now so much, I'm going to have more Now later.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When the wind is with you, be a sail; when against, be a kite.

I don't know if you noticed this, but the wind blows... pretty much wherever it wants to. It can pick up speed, slow down, change directions at a whim... and none of it is personal.

Of course you wouldn't know it by talking to some people. You know the ones, who usually tell you how much the world is against them. Doesn't matter that the wind is blowing the same direction for you too.

You haven't cursed the wind at that time too, have you?

Good, I didn't think so.

Oh, I know it's tempting to do so and all, but you and I know better... that the wind just blows... and spitting into it usually just ends up with unpleasant results.

So that leaves us with the better choice, of focusing on what we CAN change... ourselves... rather than rely on the wind to do all the work.

So when the wind is at our backs (i.e. The Good Times) that's when it's best to be like a sail... catch the wind... go for the ride as far as you can go... and enjoy it while you're at it!

And then, when the wind shifts and is now coming right at us (i.e. The Bad Times) remember to catch the wind in another way... like a kite. Be lifted up... rise above the forces that appear to be against you. You may not go the distance that you'd like, but boy will you reach new heights!

And, I know you wouldn't think this, but sometimes that obnoxious little voice in people's heads go "yeah, but what do you do when the wind stops completely?"


Happy journeys and keep the light on!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A negative attitude is like an onion. It might taste good to you, but to everyone else, it just stinks.

Have you ever notice how flavorful food becomes when you add onions? The right amount, cooked in just the right way and bam! Your food just rocks!

On the other hand, you ever notice that everyone else knows you've had onions, and their opinions aren't the same as yours?

Yeah, onions are meant for private experiences.

It's the same thing when you have a negative attitude.

It simmers with all your other emotions and it can just feel so good, to feel so bad. Maybe you're fired up with anger, or swept away by your melancholy, or you just feel so comfortable being uncomfortable.

So peal away all the delicate layers... and think twice about it to the recipe of your life. It's not really helping you as much as you think it is and everyone else definitely can smell it a mile away.

Keep it light!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Riddle me this...

Life is a puzzke
Life is a puzzle where not every piece fits.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's not about what you want... It's about what you really, really, really, REALLY want.

If you have a child, or ever was one, you know the game of 'why?'. It starts off innocently enough, like "why is the sky blue?" and then the little why's-ones keep asking "why?" to every answer you can come up with (It usually ends with "because I said so" but that's another story).

The point is: It's almost never about the first thing you can think of... or the second... or third... it goes way deeper than that.

The why's dominate our lives and don't turn into wis-dom until we can bring those answers to the surface.

If you ask anyone "What do you want?" you could get a very quick laundry list of more STUFF... bigger home, new car, better job... or it could be a list of LESS stuff... less stress, less weight, less annoying people. Whatever it is, it isn't the answer.

So ask "why?"
The first level down usually uncovers a desire for more pleasure or less pain. It's showing some of the misalignment between where someone is and where they want to be.

But it's still not the answer.
When you get to the "What do you really, really, really want" level (3 levels down) you start to get a glimpse of the person underneath... without the "responsibilities" and "details" and "excuses" that weigh them down and keep them from manifesting their authentic lives.

I find a lot of marketers target this area in other people's lives. They "nail it" with the saying, "Freedom to do what you want to do, with whomever you want to do it with, whenever you want to" (or some variation therein).

Because people do want to be free to be themselves... I mean, don't you?

But then... why?

The deeper you go, the more you will discover that what people really, really, really, REALLY want is to be CONNECTED. The word LOVE often comes up here... or higher beings... or God... or the universe... or LIFE... whatever it is. It will look different for each person, but it's all basically the same.

(Note: people who say they want to disconnect usually do so on one of the upper levels, and it's because they've given up on the idea that connection is possible)

And even if you get to the level where you "know" your deep want to be connected, there's always another "why?" just beyond.

Some people look outside themselves for the answers; and so they look to others to "complete" them... or they buy stuff to impress people they don't really care about. Others look inside themselves... and end up dumping the outside world.

And still others "get it". They know their deepest desires and align their thoughts, words and deeds to match... and their why's become wiser.

And how do I know why that is?

Because I said so :-)

Keep the light on!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

You’ll find yourself underneath who you think you are.

From the time we’re born we start adding layers to our lives. We begin by defining our roles as The Child; and as we grow, we learn to play The Student, The Friend, The Lover, The Spouse, The Parent, The Worker… you get the idea.

While roles help us bring order and make progress in our lives, they can also restrict us… especially when we take those roles so seriously. Sure you DO those things, but it’s important to remember that they are not who you ARE.

YOU are so much more than that.

And you’re not going to know that by looking at what you DO.

Go deeper.

Look under the carpet and behind the curtain you call Life.

You’ll find yourself just as soon as you forget yourself.

Keep the light on!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't waste time proving yourself. Spend time leaving proof of yourself.

It's amazing how much time we spend trying to prove ourselves to other people. Some people I know are spending their entire lives trying to please people who aren't even on this planet anymore. That's what happens when we look outside ourselves for some sign that we're "good enough."

You are...

...and you don't need to do that anymore.

Imagine how different your life will be if instead of proving yourself, you spend your time leaving proof that you are here. It will look surprisingly similar, but it will be worlds apart.

You're here because the world needs you... so tell that little voice to shut up.

You have amazing skills and gifts to give... so stop hogging it behind a veil of shyness and false humility.

And what you leave behind is what you make while you are here... so don't wait until then to wish you had something to leave.

Right now, know that you are amazing and what you give now... will change the future.

You don't need the proof... you ARE the proof.

And I don't need to prove it... so just trust me on that.

Keep the light on!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Of course you're amazing just the way you are, but the world won't know it until you show them.

Do you know what's truly amazing about you? Out of all the variations and combinations that ever were, and ever will be; through all the choices, circumstance and happenstance, everything came together to make YOU.

What are the odds on that? Beyond astronomical. It's astounding!

So you're pretty darn special!

... That's good to know.

Do you wanna know what would be even more special than just you knowing that?

... If the world knew it too.

We are Finite
Yeah, yeah, deep down inside, we are all infinite beings, with infinite possibilities, I know... but within each life here on Earth, we have a certain set of skills and passions and connections; like a hand in a game of cards. That's the way it's supposed to be, because we need to share our cards (ie skills and passions and connections) in order to enhance and expand each other.

We Get More by Giving
When we give to others, two things can happen. The more they like you, the more doors they will open; and secondly, giving to others often triggers their desire to give back.

(I've personally received so much more when I've given more, so I can't GIVE you this advice enough)

People Talk
Good or bad, people like to share. So what you put out there will continue to go out there; all based on the effect you have on them.

On a plus note, that means the more you give, the more that is given.

Show 'Em
Now, while people like to talk, they don't always like to listen. You can tell them how amazing you all all you want, but they probably won't believe you until you SHOW THEM.

You do that by BEING your greatness and by constantly finding new ways to get your greatness out into the world.

So now you know you're amazing and I know you're amazing, but there's a whole big world out there just waiting to know it too.

Keep that light on!


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Acceptance is Acknowledgement, not Abandonment.

Whenever I talk about 'Acceptance' invariably someone brings up some negative encounter; be it an injustice, a disagreement or just plain 'bad luck' ... and then they ask if they MUST accept it.

While my answer to that is "YES" it doesn't mean that you do nothing about it.

'Acceptance' comes in many forms and it will vary based on the situation... but in every case, it's about acknowledging that something is the way it is. It's neither better nor worse, good nor bad; it just is...

One way to accept is to 'Let Go'... it's like taking your hands off the wheel and just watching what happens. It certainly can be freeing, but it also gives up control to anything and everything everything else; so the results may not turn out as you would like.

Another way is to 'Allow'... which is similar to letting go, but more active in the observation. I'd say it's more like 'loosing up your grip' as opposed to 'letting go.'

My favorite form of acceptance though is to 'Affirm'. That means to recognize that 'it is what it is' and accepting your responsibility in making it the best possible experience. Even when it's not the 'ideal' situation to be in, you can still make it the best IT can be. I've often heard that referred to as 'Making the most of a bad situation' or 'Turning lemons into lemonade.'

Whatever it is, it's not burying your head in the sand, tolerating an injustice or being overwhelmed by circumstance. It's embracing life for what it is, reconnecting with what you want it to be, and committing to make it happen.

And you can accept that as your final answer... or not.

Keep the light on!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Only keep routines that keep you en route.

Habits are helpful. They can help shape our day; make parts of it easier because of practice and generally give us a sense of identity too.

They can also be harmful, especially when they're small. Smaller habits can actually be bigger problems, because they're small enough to go unnoticed, but they can rob us of valuable time, set us off in the wrong direction or just keep us as small as they are.

Question everything
Just because you've 'always done it this way' doesn't mean that it's good for you. It's just comfortable for you. There's a huge difference.

Try something new
Do one thing differently than you did before. It can be just as small as any other routine; just one you're not used to. You'll notice how 'strange' it seems; which can shed light on the past routine, as well as all the other routines that relied on the old routine. Whole new avenues can open up just by 'trying' one new thing.

Keep the good ones
By trying something new, you'll also find that some of the old ones were chosen for a good reason... they work! If an old routine works to keep you going towards your goals, keep at 'em!

Make 'em bigger
If you want more, and it works, work it more. Either do more of it, do it bigger, or duplicate it. Teaching others your good routines taps into the Law of Leverage... which can help you (and others) grow exponentially.

You know the saying "Success is a journey, not a destination" but did you know that your routines ARE the journey?

So get to the route of it...

...and keep the light on!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gotta love it

Love more
You win when you don't have to.

Maintenance is as important as Growth

Growth is great. It's what propels us forward and gives us a purpose for moving boldly into tomorrow. Yet if all you do is focus on it, you're missing half of the equation.

Once something arrives, it starts to head into the past. It gets used, it gets old; it decays. While it doesn't sound pleasant when you put it like that, it's just a part of the cycle of life. It's needed for the overall sustainability of Life itself. So it's important to recognize it and to live with it.

Acceptance is Acknowledgement, not Abandonment.

Just because you recognize it and accept it for what it is, that doesn't mean you have to just let it happen. Actually it's imperative that you take care of it; that's why it was given to you.

Maintenance is the foundation of Growth. It's your baseline. Growth is simply a higher baseline for you to maintain.

So take the time to care for what you already have. Mend the holes, polish back the shine, and get the rest you need now.

Rejuvenation today means invigoration tomorrow.

Make it shine!