Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Maintenance is as important as Growth

Growth is great. It's what propels us forward and gives us a purpose for moving boldly into tomorrow. Yet if all you do is focus on it, you're missing half of the equation.

Once something arrives, it starts to head into the past. It gets used, it gets old; it decays. While it doesn't sound pleasant when you put it like that, it's just a part of the cycle of life. It's needed for the overall sustainability of Life itself. So it's important to recognize it and to live with it.

Acceptance is Acknowledgement, not Abandonment.

Just because you recognize it and accept it for what it is, that doesn't mean you have to just let it happen. Actually it's imperative that you take care of it; that's why it was given to you.

Maintenance is the foundation of Growth. It's your baseline. Growth is simply a higher baseline for you to maintain.

So take the time to care for what you already have. Mend the holes, polish back the shine, and get the rest you need now.

Rejuvenation today means invigoration tomorrow.

Make it shine!

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