Sunday, September 05, 2010

Acceptance is Acknowledgement, not Abandonment.

Whenever I talk about 'Acceptance' invariably someone brings up some negative encounter; be it an injustice, a disagreement or just plain 'bad luck' ... and then they ask if they MUST accept it.

While my answer to that is "YES" it doesn't mean that you do nothing about it.

'Acceptance' comes in many forms and it will vary based on the situation... but in every case, it's about acknowledging that something is the way it is. It's neither better nor worse, good nor bad; it just is...

One way to accept is to 'Let Go'... it's like taking your hands off the wheel and just watching what happens. It certainly can be freeing, but it also gives up control to anything and everything everything else; so the results may not turn out as you would like.

Another way is to 'Allow'... which is similar to letting go, but more active in the observation. I'd say it's more like 'loosing up your grip' as opposed to 'letting go.'

My favorite form of acceptance though is to 'Affirm'. That means to recognize that 'it is what it is' and accepting your responsibility in making it the best possible experience. Even when it's not the 'ideal' situation to be in, you can still make it the best IT can be. I've often heard that referred to as 'Making the most of a bad situation' or 'Turning lemons into lemonade.'

Whatever it is, it's not burying your head in the sand, tolerating an injustice or being overwhelmed by circumstance. It's embracing life for what it is, reconnecting with what you want it to be, and committing to make it happen.

And you can accept that as your final answer... or not.

Keep the light on!

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