Monday, September 06, 2010

Of course you're amazing just the way you are, but the world won't know it until you show them.

Do you know what's truly amazing about you? Out of all the variations and combinations that ever were, and ever will be; through all the choices, circumstance and happenstance, everything came together to make YOU.

What are the odds on that? Beyond astronomical. It's astounding!

So you're pretty darn special!

... That's good to know.

Do you wanna know what would be even more special than just you knowing that?

... If the world knew it too.

We are Finite
Yeah, yeah, deep down inside, we are all infinite beings, with infinite possibilities, I know... but within each life here on Earth, we have a certain set of skills and passions and connections; like a hand in a game of cards. That's the way it's supposed to be, because we need to share our cards (ie skills and passions and connections) in order to enhance and expand each other.

We Get More by Giving
When we give to others, two things can happen. The more they like you, the more doors they will open; and secondly, giving to others often triggers their desire to give back.

(I've personally received so much more when I've given more, so I can't GIVE you this advice enough)

People Talk
Good or bad, people like to share. So what you put out there will continue to go out there; all based on the effect you have on them.

On a plus note, that means the more you give, the more that is given.

Show 'Em
Now, while people like to talk, they don't always like to listen. You can tell them how amazing you all all you want, but they probably won't believe you until you SHOW THEM.

You do that by BEING your greatness and by constantly finding new ways to get your greatness out into the world.

So now you know you're amazing and I know you're amazing, but there's a whole big world out there just waiting to know it too.

Keep that light on!


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