Saturday, September 04, 2010

Only keep routines that keep you en route.

Habits are helpful. They can help shape our day; make parts of it easier because of practice and generally give us a sense of identity too.

They can also be harmful, especially when they're small. Smaller habits can actually be bigger problems, because they're small enough to go unnoticed, but they can rob us of valuable time, set us off in the wrong direction or just keep us as small as they are.

Question everything
Just because you've 'always done it this way' doesn't mean that it's good for you. It's just comfortable for you. There's a huge difference.

Try something new
Do one thing differently than you did before. It can be just as small as any other routine; just one you're not used to. You'll notice how 'strange' it seems; which can shed light on the past routine, as well as all the other routines that relied on the old routine. Whole new avenues can open up just by 'trying' one new thing.

Keep the good ones
By trying something new, you'll also find that some of the old ones were chosen for a good reason... they work! If an old routine works to keep you going towards your goals, keep at 'em!

Make 'em bigger
If you want more, and it works, work it more. Either do more of it, do it bigger, or duplicate it. Teaching others your good routines taps into the Law of Leverage... which can help you (and others) grow exponentially.

You know the saying "Success is a journey, not a destination" but did you know that your routines ARE the journey?

So get to the route of it...

...and keep the light on!

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