Saturday, March 26, 2011

Every once in a while, it takes a while.

We often like to think of Life as some steady flow of constant motion, with a preset series of events. While that is true of many things, most of the rest is a whole bunch of fits and starts.

Life is like that. It likes to BURST forth, with a flurry of activity all at once!

It also likes to take its time.

So when we get caught up in the idea that 2 must follow 1... and precede 3... at an even pace... it's easy to get frustrated and impatient.

Life is going to take the time IT needs, not the time YOU need.

Once you accept that, Patience is soon to follow.

Once you realize that a 'slow period' is not a 'no period', you can also accomplish Persistence as well (it's very tempting to quit when things aren't moving fast enough, isn't it?).

I always say, 'it's like pulling on the stalks, expecting the corn to grow'. Neither one of you will win, if you rush it.

Learn to really enjoy the whole process.

Every step of the way is beautiful.

And if it's just going to take some time, just take the time.

It'll be time well spent.

Keep the light on,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do you know what makes you unique? Everything!

There is a little piece of copper that is worth more until it is pressured into conforming like all the others. Then it's only worth one cent.

The same happens to us when we give up our worth to fit in to be just like everyone else.

Well, you're not like everyone else.

And you don't need to be like everyone else, just to be loved by them.

Because if someone demands that you're exactly like them in order to be worthy of their love, then they're not really loving YOU. They're doing it so that they can love themselves.

Love yourself more than that.

Love yourself enough to BE yourself... to explore what makes you uniquely you. The deeper you look, the more you'll see how different you are... and how similar to you... and how wonderful you are.

Set that as the standard by which you live... not by some outside standard... or someone else's achievements... or some idea that there's a 'perfect' out there to become.

It's so much easier to be you; much easier than trying to be someone else.

So take the easy route... and make it uniquely yours.

Keep the light on!

A gentle stream can split a mountain, if given enough time.

Does it ever feel like you're constantly swimming upstream? And the more you want to go anywhere, the more effort you have to put out; even as you get tired... more more more.

Well it doesn't have to be that way.

It just SEEMS that way because we've come to believe that more effort equals more results.

Yeah, well... no.

It's not that you have to give up and just go wherever the river takes you. It's about going beyond the river; to become like it, rather than to fight it.

Even gentle streams have much to teach us.

They don't seem to be much, and yet over time they can carve their way through a mountain.

A little effort, over a long time, is a lot of effort.

Not everything has to be done at once, or with great force.

It can be done with patience... and persistence.
And gentleness.

So relax... Go with your own flow... Move easily around anything in your path... And just keep forging ahead.

And, as always,
Keep the light on,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

If you think 'if I had more, I'd do more' you've got it backwards.

How many times have you played the game 'If Only'? If only you had more money, if only you had more time, if only you had more yadda-yadda-yadda and blah-blah-blah... Then, oh boy, the world had better watch out!

Then that game is followed by the game of 'But...' and you crawl back into the world of disappointment and excuses. Right?

Oh, of course, I know YOU don't play those games... I'm just sayin' ... y'know... those games get played.

Buuuuuuut... if you ever slipped and were to play those games... I'd point out that 'having more' has this funny way of intensifying old habits, and turning them into much bigger habits... So 'doing more' ends up very different from the 'doing more' you thought you'd do 'if only...'

The funny thing about Life is that it gives back what you give out. It waits for you, rather than pays you forward, hoping you'll give back. That's what 'give and you will receive' is all about.

You have to give first.

And you have to give good stuff. Holding out, and giving out bad stuff first, only results in bad stuff coming back.

The more VALUE you GIVE, the more REWARDS you GET.

So when you're dreaming about what you want, just ask yourself, 'what will I give so that I can receive this?'

Then give it all you've got.

Keep the light on!
(So Life knows where to send the rewards)


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Imagine if you forgot how to limit yourself.

The very first word we learn to ignore is 'No' ... but once we let it in, we learn to ignore everything else.

It's as if we say 'OK World, you can stop stopping me now, I'll keep myself down from here.'

And many of us never learn to say 'No' to No.

We don't really need to learn how to overcome our Fears. We need to learn how to Unlearn them; to forget every reason why we 'can't' or we 'shouldn't' and get back to that place where everything is an adventure waiting to be explored.

'But be careful, you might get burned!!'

True... But do you really want to live a half-baked life?

I know that Nothing seems better than Something Negative, but that doesn't make it Something Positive.

You can't drive in Neutral.

So get over it, get through it and get on with it... Whatever 'it' is. And get going!

The World 'might' stop you, but then again, it 'might not'. You won't know if you stop yourself first.

Give up being less than you are... and you'll get far more than your small dreams can imagine.

Be the light, and keep it on!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Think outside everyone else's box as well as your own.

'Thinking outside the box' is supposed to mean innovation and creativity, yet it's been cliche'd into meaning 'start thinking inside the box we've placed around your box'.

Whenever someone puts you in a box, it's their way of understanding you according to their limited belief. It's their way of feeling safe.

That's also why we think inside our own box... To feel SAFE.

But big rewards don't fit in tiny safe boxes; yours or anyone else's.

So embrace whatever thoughts and dreams that are uniquely yours. Don't worry if it doesn't fit; it's not supposed to.

As long as it fits 'YOU', it's enough.

Keep the light on!

Friday, March 04, 2011

If you can Explain it, you haven't fully Experienced it.

Have you ever had a moment that 'took your breath away'? One where words just couldn't do it justice?

Then you know what I'm talking about.

Experience is such a deeply personal thing; and even when we 'share' an experience together, we still experience it as only we can.

It's part of the magic of Life; to be felt with more than our language and preconceived notions of how it is supposed to be.

Language is so limiting, don't you think? I mean, even now, you're only getting a fraction of what I mean. Your experience of THIS MOMENT comes to you through your understanding of THESE WORDS... stripped of all the other stuff that I couldn't explain... leaving YOU to fill in the gaps.

(Now that's pretty awesome too, if you think about it, but that's not where I mean to go with this, soooo.....)

When I was younger, I was shown a much different form of communication beyond language. Language was like a tiny thread compared to the broad band that I experienced. Not only was it going from 'Not Knowing' to "Knowing' in an instant; it carried with it the emotional meaning, as well as the context and intention of the sender. (Let's just say it was pretty awesome!)

You see, here I am 'explaining it' but if you and I would communicate like THAT, there'd be no need for me to say it like THIS.

What it did for me though, was to open myself up to all the communication that Life has to offer. The sun, the moon and stars... the trees and rivers and rocks... teh birds and fishes... everything communicates like this.

It's just up to us to let them.

So without further explanation, I bid you adieu... and remind you to always...

Keep the light on!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

To Be Divine, Live Wholly

There are some truly amazing words that certain groups have usurped into carrying more Weight than their Worth. While that's terrific for those who are devout, it's left quite a few out from experiencing the meaning behind those words; the "World Beneath the Words" if you will.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the Every Day that we've convinced ourselves that there's nothing more. We believe that the unseen part of our Selves belong pushed down into the Bargain Basement.
But then we wonder why it's so lonely here on top.

We are Whole Beings; even when we're disjointed. We're Bodies, Emotions, Spirit and Thoughts, all rolled into one. And it's when we recognize that, and nurture that, that we feel connected to LIFE.

Whether you believe in some Higher Power or the Secrets of Science, the deeper you explore, the deeper it gets. And the more connected you become to that, the more you realize how connected we all are.

While I have my own beliefs around that... forged out of my Near-Death Experience, I humbly recognize the diversity of viewpoints that we all bring to the table.

So check this out!

Have you ever seen Scientists dig so deep that they've gained a REVERENCE for their craft? Their discoveries don't diminish the illusion, but rather ILLUMINATES the magic.

And how about Religious Believers and Spiritualists that have transcended higher... into NIRVANA and BLISS and RAPTURE... simply by exploring deeper?

So maybe for you there's some Great Unknown waiting beyond the Veil... or maybe this is all we've got... But no matter how you express it, there is a DIVINITY in your Life Force; a magic all its own...

...If you see the wonder in it.
...If you get in touch with it.
...If you experience it first hand
...And if you become Whole with it.

You'll know what I mean when you get there.

Keep the light on!