Wednesday, March 02, 2011

To Be Divine, Live Wholly

There are some truly amazing words that certain groups have usurped into carrying more Weight than their Worth. While that's terrific for those who are devout, it's left quite a few out from experiencing the meaning behind those words; the "World Beneath the Words" if you will.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the Every Day that we've convinced ourselves that there's nothing more. We believe that the unseen part of our Selves belong pushed down into the Bargain Basement.
But then we wonder why it's so lonely here on top.

We are Whole Beings; even when we're disjointed. We're Bodies, Emotions, Spirit and Thoughts, all rolled into one. And it's when we recognize that, and nurture that, that we feel connected to LIFE.

Whether you believe in some Higher Power or the Secrets of Science, the deeper you explore, the deeper it gets. And the more connected you become to that, the more you realize how connected we all are.

While I have my own beliefs around that... forged out of my Near-Death Experience, I humbly recognize the diversity of viewpoints that we all bring to the table.

So check this out!

Have you ever seen Scientists dig so deep that they've gained a REVERENCE for their craft? Their discoveries don't diminish the illusion, but rather ILLUMINATES the magic.

And how about Religious Believers and Spiritualists that have transcended higher... into NIRVANA and BLISS and RAPTURE... simply by exploring deeper?

So maybe for you there's some Great Unknown waiting beyond the Veil... or maybe this is all we've got... But no matter how you express it, there is a DIVINITY in your Life Force; a magic all its own...

...If you see the wonder in it.
...If you get in touch with it.
...If you experience it first hand
...And if you become Whole with it.

You'll know what I mean when you get there.

Keep the light on!

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