Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A gentle stream can split a mountain, if given enough time.

Does it ever feel like you're constantly swimming upstream? And the more you want to go anywhere, the more effort you have to put out; even as you get tired... more more more.

Well it doesn't have to be that way.

It just SEEMS that way because we've come to believe that more effort equals more results.

Yeah, well... no.

It's not that you have to give up and just go wherever the river takes you. It's about going beyond the river; to become like it, rather than to fight it.

Even gentle streams have much to teach us.

They don't seem to be much, and yet over time they can carve their way through a mountain.

A little effort, over a long time, is a lot of effort.

Not everything has to be done at once, or with great force.

It can be done with patience... and persistence.
And gentleness.

So relax... Go with your own flow... Move easily around anything in your path... And just keep forging ahead.

And, as always,
Keep the light on,

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