Saturday, March 26, 2011

Every once in a while, it takes a while.

We often like to think of Life as some steady flow of constant motion, with a preset series of events. While that is true of many things, most of the rest is a whole bunch of fits and starts.

Life is like that. It likes to BURST forth, with a flurry of activity all at once!

It also likes to take its time.

So when we get caught up in the idea that 2 must follow 1... and precede 3... at an even pace... it's easy to get frustrated and impatient.

Life is going to take the time IT needs, not the time YOU need.

Once you accept that, Patience is soon to follow.

Once you realize that a 'slow period' is not a 'no period', you can also accomplish Persistence as well (it's very tempting to quit when things aren't moving fast enough, isn't it?).

I always say, 'it's like pulling on the stalks, expecting the corn to grow'. Neither one of you will win, if you rush it.

Learn to really enjoy the whole process.

Every step of the way is beautiful.

And if it's just going to take some time, just take the time.

It'll be time well spent.

Keep the light on,

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