Friday, August 28, 2009

Humble Beginnings

"Even the mighty ram bows its head before the blow."

One of the strongest positions we can take as we begin something new is humility. 'Humble' not in a way of thinking less of yourself, but rather from the sincerest form of pride.

Be thankful

All too often, if it's something we already have, we don't seem to think very much of it. We don't appreciate it until it's gone. Other times, we can become boastful because we think it makes us better than everyone else. In all cases, we're blind. Taking just a moment to say "thank you" opens our eyes to the gift called Life.

Be honest with yourself

You may actually be the best in the world at something; or you might actually be the worst. After all, someone has to be, right? More than likely, though, it isn’t you. You're somewhere in the middle in the world scale… but that should never stop you from becoming the best that you can be. You're the only one in the world who can do THAT.

See the greatness in yourself

Don't you see it? I mean, look deep inside. Get away from all your opinions and the opinions of others. Look at that spark inside you. That's greatness. Look!!!

See the greatness in others

I always say that true humility doesn't come with seeing yourself as less than others, but rather seeing how great everyone else is AS WELL as you.


"Namaste" means "the spirit in me recognizes the spirit within you." There is no greater gift than to wholeheartedly acknowledge the existence of another.


Okay, maybe there is ONE thing that is greater than acknowledging another… it's LOVING them… unconditionally, without expectations or opinions.

The spirit in me loves the spirit in you. Nice.

Balance yourself out with greatness and you will have pride in what you do and who you are, without ego going off in a wrong direction.

It truly is a humbling experience.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get in there

Get in there!
You gotta be in it to win it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to succeed by being lazy

#1How many times have you said "if I only had the time…"? Don't you just feel like a slacker? You don't? You feel tired, burned out and frantic all at once? You just feel too busy to be lazy, right? So why aren't you succeeding?

'Cause you're not lazy, that's why... At least, not in ways that matter…

Don't do more than you have to

If you're painting a picture and you just keep adding color after color after color, you know what? It turns muddy. It loses its value. There comes a time to stop.

There's got to be an easier way

Ask yourself, "Can I still get what I want in some easier way?" Sometimes the road you're on is just too long, and there are shortcuts everywhere. Find them.

Get more for less

A string of smaller successes can really add up over time, and take you farther than bigger success. If you do one "something" to get back three things, you'll have more than five "somethings" only getting you back ten.

Do I really need it?

Yeah, do you? Sure you may want it badly… but for how long? Take a closer look at it. Do without it for just a bit longer. If you don't really miss it, you can save time by not pursuing it.

Don't do all that "stuff"

We really have so much time on our hands, we really do. We just fill it in with so much "stuff" It actually takes a lot of work to be lazy enough to come up with solutions, but in the end, it gives you back enough time to get the really important stuff done.

Just get there

Results matter; not how much it took to get there. The one who comes in last can do just as much work as the one who comes in first. Success has a lot of other factors besides how much effort you put into it.

Now I'm not implying that you should cheat. Lazy people shouldn't cheat. That's just more "stuff" you don't need. What I'm saying is that you don't have to work so hard at getting success; you have to become lazy enough to let it happen.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Many Reasons for a One Track Mind

It's what I call "wide success" because there's nothing particularly wrong with that. It's just success that goes "sideways."

If you want "far success" however, you'll need to stay on a single track, if you want to go the distance. For that, you need a "one track mind."

It gives you focus

Not only is there a lot going on inside you, there's even more stuff going on outside. It can all be such a blur at times, but if you have a single purpose, you can pick out only what you need to.

It gives you a sense of definition

It also helps to define who you are. How you finish a sentence that starts with "I am..." is very powerful. "I am a writer" ... "I am a construction worker" ... "I am a mother/father" ... "I am rich" or "I am poor."

It gives you a sense of purpose

When you do a little bit of everything, you might get this sense that you don't really make much of a difference. With a one track mind, at least you feel like you're onto something.

You can map it out

When you know what you want, it makes it easier to get there. It's still not necessarily easier to get, but it easier to head in the direction of your desire.

You can see how far you've come

When you're on one track for some time, you can look back and see just hwo far you've travelled. It can be very encouraging to see your past successes lined up. It helps you want to go on.

You can say "no"

There's always going to be distractions along the way. Like small towns alongside the railroad, some will draw your attention. It's OK to take a break and rest a while, but if you have a one track mind, you must get back on it... no settling in and no switching tracks.

What happens when you get there?

There isn't really a destination. You may say I want to achieve this and you actually do, but that doesn't mean you're done with your journey. Could it be that you just didn't see that there are more tracks on the other side of your goal?

The journey continues!!