Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Imagine if you forgot how to limit yourself.

The very first word we learn to ignore is 'No' ... but once we let it in, we learn to ignore everything else.

It's as if we say 'OK World, you can stop stopping me now, I'll keep myself down from here.'

And many of us never learn to say 'No' to No.

We don't really need to learn how to overcome our Fears. We need to learn how to Unlearn them; to forget every reason why we 'can't' or we 'shouldn't' and get back to that place where everything is an adventure waiting to be explored.

'But be careful, you might get burned!!'

True... But do you really want to live a half-baked life?

I know that Nothing seems better than Something Negative, but that doesn't make it Something Positive.

You can't drive in Neutral.

So get over it, get through it and get on with it... Whatever 'it' is. And get going!

The World 'might' stop you, but then again, it 'might not'. You won't know if you stop yourself first.

Give up being less than you are... and you'll get far more than your small dreams can imagine.

Be the light, and keep it on!

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