Saturday, April 02, 2011

Go ahead and fail. Just don't get good at it.

We all make mistukes.

It just doesn't fit... It doesn't work... It isn't wanted or needed... Whatever it is... It just isn't 'IT'.

OK... It happens.

Sometimes the failure is the problem, but most of the time it's how we EXPERIENCE the failure that's the problem.

Do you churn and yearn and burn? Or live and learn and earn?

Moving on from failure is the best reward... Whether it's just the joy of getting through it, or (better yet) rising up better and stronger and wiser from having been there and done that.

The only thing NOT to do is learn how to become really successful at failing.

You know the symptoms... Patting yourself on the back for 'trying'... Sharing your sorrows with others who validate your excuses... And giving up, so as not to have to go through THAT again.

If you learn how to quit, you haven't learned how to fail.

So here's to a lot of little failures and HUGE successes along your way!

Keep the light on!

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