Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Think small only in the details.

Size matters. Not any particular size... Not one-size-fits-all size... Just the right size at the right time. Sometimes big, sometimes small.

It's just good to know what fits where when, y'know?

BIG. That's for when you're dreaming, when you're planning your BIG picture... when you're decided what sort of impact to make on the world.

Small. When you're turning those dreams into action, when you're making consistent, persistent baby steps along the way... and when you're making sure you've got every little thing going your way.

They're not to be used the other way around. Big steps don't fit into small dreams.

And neither do you.

So when you think small... Think lots and lots and lots of small... 'Cause you've got a lot of BIG things that are coming your way.

Keep the light on,

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