Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life doesn't keep score; it evens it.

Life doesn't have time to keep track of all the details. It has to keep moving.

'But wait, what?' I hear you wonder, 'what about Karma, isn't that keeping score?'

Yeah, well, sorta. But, then again, not really.

Life operates out of a sense of balance and only knows where you are now. It's not about 'when you were ten, you did this; now I have to do that'. It's about being positive or negative and what comes to you, so that Life can be even again.

That's why 'karma' doesn't look the same as what went out. It's equal value, not equal circumstance.

Now you've heard the saying 'Like Attracts Like' and that's probably confused you somewhat... Especially when you know that in Physics, it's Opposites that attract. So let me explain...

Positive is negative and Negative is positive.


(Go ahead read it again to see if it said what you thought it said)

Positive is negative and Negative is positive.


Take a glass filled with water and pour some out.

You gave out positive, which created a negative space. Now you have room for more water.

That's a very, very simple way to look at it. So don't get too caught up with the glass being full, or half-empty, blah blah blah... that's just to get you to understand how space comes from giving.

Life has to get back to zero. So when you give, Life fills up the space. When you fill up by taking, Life takes away from you... in order to get back to zero.

Now I know that your head's going to spin with all the ways that doesn't work... but it works anyway.

Of course it's not going to look like it works, especially if you think of Life as an 'eye for an eye'... It makes more sense if you accept that what comes back looks vastly different, yet holds the same value (like getting coins back in exchange for paper money... Completely different, yet worth the same).

So do you see why it's so important to give? To make room to receive. It's the most positive negative you could ever get.

Here's to getting even!

Keep the light on!

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