Tuesday, April 05, 2011

You can't make yesterday longer by using up today.

You know yesterday's gone, right? It ended at midnight.

It may have been a great day, or a boring one; it doesn't really matter right now... cause it's past the expiration date.

Yet how many people are still clinging onto it? Holding on tighter; trying to squeeze every minute out of today, hoping that yesterday will magically fall out.

It ain't in there.

I know you've heard about "living in the Now" and all that, but every moment spent thinking about, or acting upon, something that happened yesterday is just not living up to now.

And then what are you going to do tomorrow... look for today?

If you didn't figure it out yesterday, maybe you'll figure it out now... that doesn't work either.

Now is now. It fits perfectly into this exact moment... that is, unless you stuffed it full of yesterdays.

Besides, Yesterday fits perfectly where it was... before midnight. So let it stay there.

Fill up this moment with Now... and live it to its fullest.

That way, you won't have to fill up the emptiness with expectations of tomorrow.

Until then...

Leave the light on!

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