Monday, February 28, 2011

Life isn't about what you live WITH, but what you live FOR.

"Life isn't fair."

I hear that a lot.

Sometimes it's from jealousy of someone else's perceived good fortunes; or sympathetic anger at the suffering in the world.

And you're right, it isn't fair.
But it goes beyond common understanding; and doesn't fit neatly into our boxes of Right and Wrong.

It is what it is.

It's important to realize that everyone's got STUFF. For some, it's expensive luggage; for others, just costly baggage.

But whatever it is, it's just stuff that stays with us, as long as we carry it.

It isn't all there is.

Beyond all this 'humanity' that we get caught up in is something that's bigger than all of us combined.


It's not what you do, or have, or want. It's WHY you do, and have, and want.

It's what pulls you into the future.

And the stronger the force of your purpose, the farther into the future you will go.

So make it a good one... A big one... Bigger than your STUFF.

Only focus on WHAT if you want WHATever. Focus on what FOR if you want to reach FORever.

For you...
Keep the light on!

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