Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Don't work for Success. Give Value instead.

My parents worked very hard to instill the virtues of working hard. It didn't work.

Not that they didn't instill that virtue, or that I didn't work hard; it's just that working harder didn't work.
Then I met some really smart people, who told me to 'Work Smarter, not Harder'. It was pretty clever, but it still felt like I was pushing myself out into the world, hoping that someone would really, really like me.

So I decided to look deeper... deeper within myself and deeper into the world. I discovered that the most success doesn't come from hard work or even well intended efforts. Success comes to those who provide the most VALUE to others.

It doesn't matter what you have to SELL; what matters is what others want to BUY.
Sounds pretty simple, huh?

It is... sort of.

It's not just about 'giving the people what they want' cause that's just an insincere form of selling.

It's really about connecting and understanding the needs of others.

It's also about digging deep within yourself, aligning your gifts with those need, and then giving it all you've got.

Become Value-able.

But then don't just give until you've got nothing left... Because then you'll lose that value.

Be open to replenishment. Receive the rewards so that you can come back tomorrow to give some more.

And that, dear one, is my gift to you.

Keep the light on!

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