Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you can't find it, make it.

I once heard a quote that said 'Everything that can be invented has already been invented.' It was supposedly made in 1899.

Well, I verified on the internet, from my wireless cellphone, that both the quote, and the belief behind the quote, are both false. The quote never got said and, well, frankly, the world isn't done yet.

The world is constantly changing, so even if 1899 had everything it needed, today is very different. Tomorrow's going to be different too.

It's there, in the mystery of tomorrow's ever-changing needs, where the door of Opportunity is wide open for YOU.

Look around you... But not at what is THERE. Instead, look for what is NOT there, but should be.

Then go about finding a way to put it there.

Inventing something new, re-invents you. It makes you more valuable (and as I said in previous notes, the more value you give, the more success you can receive).

Now go make the most of today. Tomorrow's going to need it.

Keep the light on!

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