Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Regift You

This past holiday I played a lot of those 'White Elephant' games. You know the ones, where you try to get rid of all the junk you got the year before. I played it so much that I almost got a gift back!

But that's all in good fun, and not really what regifting is all about. Ideally, regifting is making sure that a gift is giving to someone who will get more meaning and enjoyment out of it.

So what about all those gifts you were given at birth?

Do you have talents that you've been giving to others? Or are you hiding them away, so that no one even knows?

You know that you have those gifts because you're supposed to give and give, then give some more, right?

You know that keeping them to yourself is kind of selfish, right?

And leaves you no room to receive the gifts of others, right?

And you do know that even though the Season of Giving is over, the Reason for Regiving is an every day thing? Right?

Of course you know all this.
Just consider this reminder as my gift.

Keep the light on!

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