Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A negative attitude is like an onion. It might taste good to you, but to everyone else, it just stinks.

Have you ever notice how flavorful food becomes when you add onions? The right amount, cooked in just the right way and bam! Your food just rocks!

On the other hand, you ever notice that everyone else knows you've had onions, and their opinions aren't the same as yours?

Yeah, onions are meant for private experiences.

It's the same thing when you have a negative attitude.

It simmers with all your other emotions and it can just feel so good, to feel so bad. Maybe you're fired up with anger, or swept away by your melancholy, or you just feel so comfortable being uncomfortable.

So peal away all the delicate layers... and think twice about it to the recipe of your life. It's not really helping you as much as you think it is and everyone else definitely can smell it a mile away.

Keep it light!

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