Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When the wind is with you, be a sail; when against, be a kite.

I don't know if you noticed this, but the wind blows... pretty much wherever it wants to. It can pick up speed, slow down, change directions at a whim... and none of it is personal.

Of course you wouldn't know it by talking to some people. You know the ones, who usually tell you how much the world is against them. Doesn't matter that the wind is blowing the same direction for you too.

You haven't cursed the wind at that time too, have you?

Good, I didn't think so.

Oh, I know it's tempting to do so and all, but you and I know better... that the wind just blows... and spitting into it usually just ends up with unpleasant results.

So that leaves us with the better choice, of focusing on what we CAN change... ourselves... rather than rely on the wind to do all the work.

So when the wind is at our backs (i.e. The Good Times) that's when it's best to be like a sail... catch the wind... go for the ride as far as you can go... and enjoy it while you're at it!

And then, when the wind shifts and is now coming right at us (i.e. The Bad Times) remember to catch the wind in another way... like a kite. Be lifted up... rise above the forces that appear to be against you. You may not go the distance that you'd like, but boy will you reach new heights!

And, I know you wouldn't think this, but sometimes that obnoxious little voice in people's heads go "yeah, but what do you do when the wind stops completely?"


Happy journeys and keep the light on!

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