Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't waste time proving yourself. Spend time leaving proof of yourself.

It's amazing how much time we spend trying to prove ourselves to other people. Some people I know are spending their entire lives trying to please people who aren't even on this planet anymore. That's what happens when we look outside ourselves for some sign that we're "good enough."

You are...

...and you don't need to do that anymore.

Imagine how different your life will be if instead of proving yourself, you spend your time leaving proof that you are here. It will look surprisingly similar, but it will be worlds apart.

You're here because the world needs you... so tell that little voice to shut up.

You have amazing skills and gifts to give... so stop hogging it behind a veil of shyness and false humility.

And what you leave behind is what you make while you are here... so don't wait until then to wish you had something to leave.

Right now, know that you are amazing and what you give now... will change the future.

You don't need the proof... you ARE the proof.

And I don't need to prove it... so just trust me on that.

Keep the light on!

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