Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shoulda, Time Stealer

GURUSTU NEWS (GN) A dangerous criminal "Should" escaped around New Years, during Resolution Season. Also known as "Shoulda," has been seen with accomplices, "Coulda" and "Woulda." They are very dangerous, and have been known to steal, and even kill, Time...


In both of its forms, "Should" and "Shoulda" have a way of wasting your time; and it's gotta stop!

"Should" is that thing that you just HAVE to do, but know you're really not going to do it... so you say it to acknowledge that it's the right thing to do... all the while reprimanding yourself for not doing it sooner, if at all...

"Shoulda" is the same thing, only you're facing the wrong way. You're looking back, full of regret and 20/20 hindsight... and slapping yourself because you SHOULD have known better.

Well, you didn't know better... and if you did, you made different choices then than you would now. In any of case, just get over it.

The easiest fix to all this is to forget the shoulda's, focus on tomorrow and either replace the "should do's" with the "will do's" or just don't do.

You really should drop "should" from your vocabulary, shouldn't you?

So will you?

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