Saturday, August 28, 2010

You always have a choice; even not to believe that.

Have you ever found yourself saying "I don't have a choice" followed by details about "responsibilities" or "inabilities" of some sort; really convincing yourself that there's only one way for you to go.

For that one moment, you're right.

It's not true, but you are right.

You have "no choice" but not because there aren't choices, but rather because you either can't see other options or believe that everything else is less than desirable.

Oh sure, you may face a lot of unpleasant choices, and opt for the less painful one... but what's really, really (really) important here is the recognition that you are STILL MAKING A CHOICE.

Recognizing that brings the control of the situation to you... and that the first step to having more control, and more choices, in the future.

After that, open up your mind to the possibility of other possibilities. When you tie yourself down by limited thoughts and beliefs, you end up with limited results; and that in turn makes it appear like you have less choices.

Expand yourself! The bigger you are, the more choices you have. If you increase your wealth, your health, your family, your friends, your circle expands; and your choices expand in all directions.

Perhaps it comes in the form of more education... or better associations with people living the life you wish for... or a better paying job... whatever it is, go for it. Go for something bigger than your circumstances.

That is... if you want to have more choices.

If you prefer to think you have no choice; well, that's your choice.

Just choose wisely.

Keep the light on!

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