Sunday, August 15, 2010

If it was 'easier done than said' would you do it?

In my inspirational talks to people, I love showing people just how far they really can go. This is typically met with that oft-said resister, "That's easier said than done."

Well, duh!

Why do you think I SAID it?

My 'typical' response back to them includes things like:

"I never said it was easy..."

"Most things are..."


"It's easier done than not done."

All too often, people say "it's easier said than done" not as a recognition of saying vs doing. It's said as an excuse for not doing it.

No matter how much the person may claim they want something, "ESTD" means "It's 'too much work' and I'm not gonna do it."

Fine. No, really, that's fine... don't do it.

Just don't want it anymore...

Just don't sit there depressed or angry with the way things are, and drown yourself in your sorrows and reality series, dreaming you lost all the weight or won the million dollars.

Yes, it IS easier said than done.

But do you WANT it?

If you DO, then you need to DO it.

In the end, it won't have been easier done than said, but it will be so much sweeter a reward DONE, than said and NOT DONE.

Get in it!

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