Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WRONG= Whatever Redirects Our Natural Grace

First off, 'wrong' is a judgmental label, and it's really not my place to discuss that. However, the thoughts we think and the actions that we take do result in experiences that we either like or don't like. So in that case, 'wrong' is any direction that's bumpier than you want it to be.

That's why I broke it down to be "Whatever Redirects Our Natural Grace".

At first I was tempted to say "Natural Growth" but that would have been "wrong" because oftentimes it's the bumpiest, most painful experiences that help us grow the most.

Instead I chose to focus on that inner state of being that we all have; the one that's sheltered from the storm of the physical world; that knows divinity outside the daily world.

Grace is the peaceful state of our spirit; the one we can 'hear' when we're silent... and it's the most natural state of being. when we let it flow to the surface, peace permeates every pore of our lives. When we push our daily worries down inside us, our grace gets clogged and unable to do what it does best.

So it's easy to tell if something is 'wrong'. Just ask yourself, "is there Grace here?" If you can feel the peace and purpose and love and light, then you're on the 'right' track.

Whatever Redirects Our Natural Grace is 'WRONG'

So ask yourself, "Really, Is Grace Here Today?"


Keep the light on!


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