Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Pursue Do!

I was at a "Meet and Greet" networking party a little while back. I met a lot of "Planners" there, with their dreams and schemes; something that they always wanted to pursue. The only problem was… no one was actually DOING anything.

Too often we talk in "some days." "Some day I'm going to sit down and write…", "I'm going to learn how to paint…", "…going to Europe…" There's never any date set, or plans to get there… only "I want to's" and "one of these days."

To get what you want out of Life, you have to put your Life into what you want.

That means you need to set up your goal, with a date and a plan to get there. And every day, yes EVERY day, you have to be moving in the direction of that goal, along your plan.

This web site is a perfect example of getting things done. Every day I checked my list and made sure I did SOMETHING… even if I didn't have a lot of time, I made sure the smaller things got done. And now that the site is here, I still have my tasks:

  • Every day, I type an entry into my "blog"
  • Every week, I add an article or letter.
  • Every other week, my newsletter goes out.
  • Every month, I add some entries in the personal side of my site - Guru Who?
  • At least every quarter, I review the site itself, and improve the navigation, features, etc. to make overall improvements
That may seem like A LOT, especially if you look at it BEFORE you do it… but when you see that it really doesn't take as much as you think, you will see how far you can go.

An hour a day… or maybe only half an hour a day… but something… one step at a time. To get somewhere, you have to GO somewhere. So get going!


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