Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This ain't it.

There are times in our lives that we look around at all we’ve got, and just sigh. We’re not sure how we got here, not sure where we’re going and not even sure what it is we even want… all we know is THIS AIN’T IT.

That kind of feeling can bring such a feeling of being lost. It devalues everything we have and just makes us want to quit and start over; if only we knew how.

Well, we don’t have to be that drastic, but we have to do SOMETHING before it’s too late.

Define It!

Childhood was filled with such wonder and possibilities. In the blink of an eye, we could be a movie star AND an astronaut. Nothing seemed impossible. Somehow we forgot that. So it’s time to get back to that wonderment. Even if it might be a bit late to become that astronaut, is it really that impossible to fly?

What’s that look like?

John’s a manager in a Fortune 500 company and miserable. He thinks he can’t leave because of mortgage, family, blah blah blah. He loves space and always dreamed of being an astronaut. He’s not going to move to join NASA any time soon. Suddenly a friend mentions that the local Air Force base is looking for a manager…

Is it exactly like his childhood? No… but it’s closer to flying than before.

Build It!

Life is full of good and bad stuff. Just thinking about the bad stuff makes us sad; and isn’t very productive. Paying more attention to the good stuff, however tiny it might be, helps us to nurture it. And there’s only so much time in the day, so the more we fill it up with good stuff, the less time we have for the other stuff to bring us down.

Stop It!

You know, if it really ain’t it, then it just ain’t it… so stop it. You’re not making it any better by keeping at it. If you’ve got the big house and the fancy car and you want the simpler life, go out and simplify your life. If you’re under-skilled and under-appreciated, go out and get those skills; then go where you can be appreciated.

Do it!

It’s not just about positive attitude, and cheerful dreams, it’s all about action; doing things that make a difference. It’s not magic, but the results can be magical.

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