Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Believe it's going to get better... even on the good days

You ever notice that we cheer ourselves up through the bad times by reciting “It’s going to get better” yet when things are going really good we forget about it... or worse, think “this isn’t going to last”? You wouldn’t think you’d think of sabotaging all the good things in life, but it happens all the time; in very subtle ways. They may not even be catastrophic setbacks, just tiny little adjustments that keep you from getting higher than you’ve gotten in the past.

So when things are starting to go your way, keep checking in with what you’re saying to yourself and others about those moments. Are you playing humble (“Oh it was nothing”)? Or self-sacrificing (“I don’t deserve this”)? Or are you being receptive (“I like this!”) and grateful (“Thank you!!”)?

You know something... gravity has been lying to you. It gave you the idea that what goes up MUST come down... and you’ve been applying that to EVERYTHING else in your life.

What goes up can keep going up. There’s really no limit. Beyond UP is OUT... and OUT is infinite.

So get OUT of your own way, and keep UP now, will you?!

And keep that light on!

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