Wednesday, July 06, 2011

If you want to be surrounded by teachers, become a student.

There's a saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." It sounds so magical, and indeed it is, yet it's not necessarily magic.

The secret is that anyone (and anything) can become your teacher, if you are willing to learn. The Universe is filled with this deep Knowing, that permeates everything within it. It bubbles up and sparkles all around us, every moment, everywhere. We're just too preoccupied to notice.

There's all this darkness and fear that needs our attention, after these messages from our local sponsor... and we have to constantly watch our backs because THEY are coming... you know the ones, who look and act and speak and love differently than we do... I mean, who has time to stop and see a magic show?

And besides, we already know all there is to know, right? We don't need no education!

But... all that aside... when you're ready to put all of that behind you, and open yourself up to learning, you'll see that the teachers have been here all along. They're your friends and family, and the stranger on the train; the cashier and delivery person; the CEO and the homeless; the elders at the home and the children on the playground; the birds and the trees and the stars and the wind... and me.

And you.

See the light on,

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