Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If everything goes exactly as planned, it's time for bigger plans.

It sure is nice when everything goes according to plan, isn't it? So easy; fun, even. After all, failure's bad for us, right?

Or is it?

If EVERY SINGLE THING goes EXACTLY as planned, could it be possible that you just haven't been planning BIG enough?

Failure is actually good for us. It shows us what DOESN'T work. It gives us the opportunity to learn and adapt and grow, so that we can have bigger success next time. Failures mean that you're not playing it "safe"... it means you're out where the bigger rewards are.

It's important to plan for failure... Not plan TO fail, but plan FOR failure... build it in. Become flexible enough to handle whatever comes up along the way.

And be comfortable not knowing.

I have an upcoming event I'm planning for now and there are parts that I just don't know. Oh, I know what I WANT... I know how I'd like it to be... but if I think what I know now is all there is to know... then I'm in for a big surprise when the time comes.

That's what Plans B, C, D... and Z are for... and then "Plan Whatever" after that... and "Plan Wingit" after that.

So think about YOUR plans... are they small enough to succeed... or big enough to go beyond failure?

Keep the light on!

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