Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't regret so much that you'll regret it later.

I have a friend who's biggest regret is that he lost so much time regretting his past. He's probably regretting that he's doing that right now.

It's not that he was doing anything particularly wrong back then... except not enjoying it... not living in it. But why try to live in the past now, when you didn't do it when you were there?

(How can you have regrets if you didn't gret in the first place?)

There's no fix for that... but the thing to do about it is LIVE NOW.

Yeah, just live now.

It's not like you have to do anything special to get here, now... so just be here, now.

There's no time for regrets now, or later, if you fill this moment up with NOW.

...and if you're all filled up with Now now, you won't have room for regret later either.

So now, what's it gonna be?

Now now now,

Keep the light on!

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