Sunday, March 18, 2012

A passionate thought is one thing, a passionate action is everything.

I love passion! Don't you love passion? It's just so powerful to feel it.

That's why we flock to those big seminars, where everyone gets fired up to take on the world! I love, love, LOVE those!!

O'course then we get back home... with our old habits just waiting by the door... and before we know it, the afterglow has faded like a dream.

Why do you think that is?


Hint: why do you THINK that is?


Thoughts don't last... They fleet. So when you emotionalize them, they go away.

But aren't we supposed to think positive, passionate thoughts?

Sure, but only as a START.

The real key is to emotionalize our ACTIONS instead. An action is the concrete form of a thought. It's the only thing that gets RESULTS in this world.

Passion is power, so adding it to an action will help it go farther.

But HOW?? you wonder...

The answer is simple...

DO what you love and LOVE what you do.

I know that might seem TOO simple, so let me put it another way...

Stop THINKING about it and get going!!

Ya feel me?

Keep the light on,

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CC said...

I like your blog. why did you stop writing?