Friday, March 07, 2008

The Best

Here's a story I received in an email from Bob Proctor's Insight of the Day. It was so inspirational that I just had to write the author and tell her so...

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

As long as I can remember, there have been two things, other than our children, that my husband has had a deep passion for; golf and flying. As a young 18 year old, I can remember our first date-a blind date I might add, in which, Steve was going to college full time, fueling airplanes after classes and working on his flight hours at night-this was his passion, his vision and his future and he had set out on a course to graduate from college, become a major airline pilot, and hopefully someday own his own company as well.

Within a matter of years, Steve became an airline pilot with United Airlines, I graduated with a Masters degree in Communication/Journalism and we lived the "American Dream." Great house, beautiful children, money in the bank and the love and support of wonderful friends and family-until that day.

Arriving home from a three day trip on September 10, 2001, Steve walked into the random chaos of our home. With a two year old and three and a half year old, toys were always scattered everywhere, nothing was ever organized and sleep was a luxury, not a need. However, the sound of little feet running to greet him after each trip and a wife with a big smile on her face because she had a little bit of relief for the next 24 hours was what it was all about during that time. All in all, life was good, dinner was done, kids were bathed and Steve, who had been doing Boston-San Francisco trips all month, was home for 24 hours before flying to Chile for three days and then home for about a week-a week in which would include spending time with the kids and possibly a round of golf. Of course, his time on the course was not the same as it had been prior to kids-it was like sleep, a true luxury.

The next morning, our lives, as those of every American, were forever changed. In route to the store, Steve called, "come home, United has lost a plane in route to San Francisco." The tone in his voice was one in which I will never forget. "This is your route and your airplane," I remember screaming as we watched the horrific news that day. It had been speculated and later confirmed, that the terrorists had been in and out of the Boston airport, possibly on one of Steve's flights the past week as a test run. As the phone rang with people calling to see if Steve was home, we cried and knew the worst was yet to come.

And boy did it come. It was apparent, that Steve could be laid off at anytime. By Christmas time, most of the lay-offs had happened on the pilot end of the company, and Steve was one of the lucky ones-but a 50% pay cut happened right before the holidays. But who were we to complain, Steve was alive and had a job.

We decided that if any opportunities came up for me to go back to work, we should seriously consider it. So in the winter of 2002, I began to contact my previous group of co-workers and business associates and Steve and I decided to join up with some of my fellow co-workers from the "pre-kid" days and start a series of community lifestyle magazines-Lifestyle Publications. The magazines focused on people making a difference in the community. By year 3, we were mailing out over a 100,000 magazines a month and were purchased by a large publishing group, due to an offer we could not refuse. Steve continued to fly and I was happy as a stay at home mom to three wonderful children, active in their school and loving life once again.

About the time when you begin to get really comfortable in your daily routine, inevitably life throws you a curve ball to see how you are going to handle it and once again, we had another one hit us.

18 months ago, Steve came home from an international flight with a stiff back, through some misdiagnosis and mistreatment, he suffered a ruptured disk within days, and within a matter of three months underwent 2 surgeries, 3 epidurals, countless pain pills and was told he could not play golf or fly an airplane for at least a year, possibly two. But then, as it has done throughout our lives, The LAW OF POSITIVE ATTRACTION kicked in again, just like it did after 9/11-Steve took this injury as an opportunity. An opportunity to begin to publish his dream magazine, one in which he had put on paper over 4 years prior-but with flying, the Lifestyle magazines and 3 kids-there was no time-until now.

Along this uncertain road, and at times tragic events that have occurred in our life, the determination to succeed, and the faith in God, our personal strengths, the unbelievable support of family and the positive people that we have met, we have risked it all once again and believe that the Law of Attraction has already delivered to us and will continue to deliver to us because we ask for the success every single day.

So here we are today-a year under our belt with Golf Fitness Magazine, a magazine that teaches you how to play your best golf by improving your body and mind. The magazine continues to grow and grow and grow- The people that we have met and the lessons we continue to learn, once again make this "extreme risk" an experience we would not ever give back.

We now live with the attitude that this will be the biggest and best Golf magazine in the country and that Golf Fitness Magazine can offer something for everyone.

In addition, Steve has been given the green light to go back flying and to play golf, and his vision since age 18, is now forever a reality.

Kristi Gomen

A year ago Kristi and her husband Steve founded Golf Fitness Magazine to fill a void in the market place. They understand the importance of making a positive impact in the lives of others. To send Kristi your thoughts on this story email her at: and to support their great magazine please go to:


These people not only founded a magazine, they founded TWO! Each time taking something that could have devastated them into obscurity, and making a difference... not only in their life but the lives of others.

So no matter how trying these times get, think about what you're doing... and what you're doing about it.

It's not the hand that we're dealt, but how we play the game that counts.

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