Sunday, March 09, 2008

Your time will come

I was drawn to watching Joel Osteen on TV this morning. There was just so much power coming off the screen that despite the pull of the computer in the other room, his words seemed so much more important.

Over and over again he emphasized saying to yourself "my time will come!" Now usually someone says that meaning "you're gonna get yours sucka!" but he meant really "you are going to get yours... as long as you believe you will."

It's actually in the most trying times that you have to believe that.

Believe that the BEST is yet to come... that the next shoe to drop is to complete a brand new pair, not to trample you down.

That's the funny thing about faith... you actually have to take that step BEFORE you know if it's going to be alright. (Why else do you need that other shoe, if not to take a step with?)

So often people hold off, waiting for a sign that it will be successful before they even try... yet history will tell you that it was those that stepped out in blind faith that journeyed the farthest.

I needed that message more than anyone today. My breath has been too shallow lately, my steps too small. I've had guilty moments where I thought of loss; even when I know how powerful positive thoughts can be. I have felt the power of thinking big, and the loneliness of thinking small.

I know what it feels like to be knocked down, only to be knocked down again... but I remember what it feels like to stand tall... and to step out blindly... not into the darkness, but the light.

And the light can hurt too, when you first step into it... but once you feel the warmth, you don't let the cold keep you down.

My time will come.

It's about time.

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