Friday, April 16, 2010

Challenge yourself up to the point of success... no more, no less.

Success takes effort; sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. It's different each time, so we really can't say definitively 'how much is enough?' Put in too little, and nothing happens; too much, and you burn out.

The key is in finding the sweet spot...

But how?

Hint: You know more than you think you know.

Trust yourself. Take a moment out to do a check-up on yourself. How do you FEEL? Good or Bad? Energized or Tired? Fulfilled or Frustrated?

Your emotions are your gauges for what's going on under your hood. They're closer to your subconscious than you realize... so see what they have to say.

Then make adjustments along the way. Rest if you need to; or get up and do something.

The road to success is a winding one, so adjust as you go.

Keep the light on!

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