Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Imperfect days can have perfect endings.

A day is really just an arbitrary collection of moments, and to lump it all into a 'good day' or a 'bad day' is really unfair to the little moments along the way. One moment doesn't have to have any affect on another, unless we let it. We can choose to keep each moment sacred... and make the most of each one, no matter what happened the moment before.

How often do you let your moments spill over into the other ones? Do you take work home with you? Did the morning rush at home, start your work day off on the wrong foot?

That's what you get for muddying the moments.

Give yourself a break.


Create a breakpoint along your journey... maybe it's a landmark to and from work, or your front door at home... just some signal that says "what's past is past, I now focus on the future." You do it every morning when you wake up, so why not do it again before your night begins?

Also create a ritual for yourself, like taking a nice hot shower, where you can imagine all the ills of the day to simply wash away. The key is to start off refreshed.

Then become determined to have that perfect ending to the day. Look around and ask yourself "With what I have right now, how can I make it 'perfect'?"

Don't (and I mean DON'T) think about what a perfect ending would be, and then depress yourself because you don't have what you want. I mean... make the perfect ending out of what you DO have.

It's called "making the most with what you have".

Because that makes it doable... and doable is the perfect ending for an otherwise imperfect day.

Keep the light on!

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