Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Make sure even the smallest steps are part of the larger journey

Life isn’t just one big moment, a giant leap from birth to death. It’s a journey of many, many small steps… and they can wander from one place to the next, or they can be focused on getting to where you want to get to. The choice is yours.

It’s just that so often we see the small steps as just that… small… and then we think that they don’t really matter. It’s in there that leads us astray… because when we THINK they’re small, we ACT as if they’re small. That’s going to get us small results. Why? Because the value we get OUT of Life comes from the value we put IN to every living moment.

So when you take that next step, don’t worry if it seems small… take it. Make it yours. Make it count.

Because it does.

Keep the light on!

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