Monday, November 15, 2010

The only thing to stop you from knowing it all is thinking you already do.

Now I don't want to tell you something you already know... but you don't really know it all... and if you think you do, then you never will.

Of course what you DO know is invaluable... it shapes your world and gets you through the day... and it took you this long to figure it out... so... so far, so good.

Just know that Life has so much more that it wants to show you... so many wondrous mysteries to unfold... and just knowing that you have yet to know it, opens up your eyes and your opportunities to get to know it.

"Not knowing" is good... providing you stay on the path to learning... and still want to see what's beyond that bend and over that mountain. Because when you've 'had enough' that's all you get.

The fastest way to block your view is to think that there's nothing left to see...

And the fastest way to fall behind, is to think you're ahead of everyone else.

'Everything' is all around you, so there can never be a destination... only paths around it... and to see 'everything' you've got to keep moving, and looking, and learning.

PS And if you want to see more from where you're standing, it'd be really nice if you turned the light on just a little brighter.


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