Monday, November 08, 2010

On a scale of One, you're a Ten!

Everything is relative, or so the theory says. It doesn’t really have to be. Something is only relative to something else when we compare them. But what if we don’t? What if we see everything as unique unto itself… beyond comparison? How about experiencing everything as it is, not how it’s supposed to be, or could be, or used to be… or any be… just as it is.

And how about YOU? Have you been busy comparing yourself to everything else around you? Or how you used to be? Or how you want to be?

Yeah, well don’t feel guilty about it, since guilt is all relative anyway ;-)

And aren’t we all just a part of the same thing? Aren’t we all One? Then there really is no comparison, since there’s nothing to compare One to.

So just be the number one in the One… and together we’ll all be Tens.

Relatively speaking, that is.

Keep the light on!

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