Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To all the Madonnas of the world...

One of the most amazing events of this year has been the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest. Although I was thrilled to make it to Round 3, I was even more thrilled to make friends with some truly amazing people.

I'm sharing their light every chance I get...

That's why I wanted to tell you about Karen McGregor. Karen’s mission to touch 1 million souls with her book “The Madonna Code - Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Unveiled.”

The book is having a special sale on Wednesday, Nov 24th only, so I hope you check out the details below and pick up a copy.

Just so you know, this is not a affiliate program and I'm not getting anything for it... well, other than tons of good will.

Keep the light on!

About The Madonna Code

As a result of a three-year journey through the disintegration of her marriage, loss of her business partners and family illness, Karen McGregor gained profound insights, wisdom and life changing tools. She discovered the radiant power and beauty of an open heart. In the Madonna Code, she guides you through tools and processes to unveil the code and open to your deepest purpose and highest calling.

The Madonna Code shows us how to transcend personal challenges and call forth Sacred Heart Wisdom. This book is a gem and will bring you back to your Highest Self.”

- James Twyman, Peace Troubadour and bestselling author of “The Moses Code” and “The Barn Dance”

(see more testimonials atwww.spiritualauthorscircle.com)

One of the things you'll love about this unity conscious project is that in order to reach her goal Karen’s sponsors are giving away over $2,000 in Spiritual gifts for one day only.

These gifts include meditation audios, eBooks, huge discounts on workshops, retreats and private coaching, E-courses, Energy and Intuitive coaching, magazine subscriptions and other spiritual services when you buy just 1 copy of "The Madonna Code - Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Unveiled” at Amazon.ca or Amazon.com for just $19.95 US Plus if you buy TWO copies you will get FREE Shipping! (That's a saving of $11.20)

To order your book and claim your free gifts please go to

Here is just a brief glimpse of the many bonuses you'll get:

Kris Steinnes
Gift #1
mp3 of Judith Orloff’s talk “Second Sight”, Circle Leadership by Kris Steinnes, award-winning author of the bestselling Women of Wisdom

Gift #10 MP3 of ‘‘Meditation for the Soul’ – Daily Inspiration – Guided Meditation with Hannelore
You are guided to enter your Sanctuary where you will meet your Angel/Guide and receive your inspiration for the day.
$15 value
Gift #11 $200 gift toward the ‘Communing With Dolphins’ Retreats in Hawaii

value: $200

Miriam Evers

Gift #17 E-Book – Feel Great Naked – A Magical Tool for Shifting the Way You Feel About Your Body

Dr. Bobby Love
Gift #19 E-Book – Syncrohearts 7 Essential Steps to More Loving Relationships. These seven steps will lovingly guide you along the path to more love for yourself and for your relationship. $9.95 value.

Aspire Magazine
Gift #54 Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul – Free 1 yr Subscription to Aspire Magazine
The Premiere Inspirational Magazine for Women since 2005

Christina Ambubuyog
Gift #25 E-Book and 4 Part E-Course: “11 Fabulous Ways to Awaken Your Intuition” $97 value
Gift #26 – for the first 15 - value $100
Complimentary 60 Minute *SOUL* Activation Call : On this one call alone, you’ll experience a powerful shift in clarity, find out how to begin to activate your intuition and get clear about the next steps for you to take on your path of Divine Purpose.

Host, Finding Magic in Midlife Radio Show

Gift #8 The Power of Creative Intent, Divine Thought and Miracles – Mp3 – $25 value

$22 value includes postage.

$15 Value

Kat Tansey
Gift #54 "5 Helpful Steps to Becoming a Meditator" value $17.00
Author of award winning book:
Choosing to Be: Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master
Nancy Kerner
Gift #6 Higher Purpose for Life! Mp3 $25 value
Diane Lauzon
Gift #23 5 Free Greeting cards that you can custom create online, with your unique message and personal photos or choose from a catalog of beautiful and inspirational cards for any occasion.
Kandi Phillips
Gift #34 Feng Shui Green Living – mp3 Learn how the items in your home are detrimental to your health.
Gift #35 Intro to Feng Shui – mp3 Discusses the key three elements of a space for a more harmonious environment.
Christine Monaghan
Gift#45 www.healthmentorship.com specializes in: marketing consulting for health & spiritual growth sector experts One hour marketing mentor telephone consultation for entrepreneurs.
$100 value – first 100.

To see the full list of gifts please visit

Thank you for ordering “The Madonna Code” and enjoy your gifts! By ordering just one book you could be doing all your Christmas shopping in one go if you wanted to use your Free gifts as Christmas presents!

Don't delay placing your order, this offer is only open for today November 24th.

Influence Publishing and the Spiritual Authors Circle of friends

p.s. If you order between 11.11am and noon PST, you will also be entered into a free draw to win a personal intuitive reading with Karen McGregor and get free entry to all the Divine You events for 2011!

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