Friday, July 30, 2010

3 Easy Steps to Success: 1) Face Success, 2) Take a Step, 3) Repeat.

I'm often asked, "what is the formula for success?" and it really is simpler than you might think.

1) Face Success
2) Take a Step
3) Repeat

Now I know what you're thinking (cause you usually tell me this right after I say what I just said) "That's easier said than done."

Well, duh!

That's why I said it :-)

But it really is that 'easy'. The details of each step is what's going to be challenging, for sure, but the steps, the one you're in, is going to be one of those three.

Face Success
Are you actually facing where you want to go? Do you even know where you want to go? The clearer you are, the more you continue to face it, the more you will head toward it. Keep your eye on the target! Even when you get off course (and that happens sometimes) just face success from wherever you are at the moment.

Take a Step
You actually have to move toward what you want. It's not coming to you. Success meets you along the road; it's not a delivery service.

Seems like a reference to shampoo, but it's really vital to success. Repeat. If it works, repeat. If you're getting closer, repeat. It's called "Persistence" and it's what gets you there.

So even if it is "easier said than done" if you want it done, you've got to do it.

It's that easy.

Keep the light on!

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