Saturday, July 31, 2010

Success is not the destination, nor even the journey ahead. It's the footprints you leave behind.

Now I've always been a fan of the saying "Success is not a destination, it's the journey" because that gets you to enjoy what you're doing, not just focused exclusively on where you're going. However, when you think of someone else's success, do you think about the journey that lies before them, or do you look at what they've already done?

The thing is, we don't measure success by what people DO as much as we measure what people have DONE. It's all in the completion and the impact that they leave on others.

And so it is with us as well.

Not that I want you to walk backwards, making sure you've left your footprints behind you, but rather I want you to become more conscious of the impact you have on this world.

You are an amazing person. You make this HUGE difference, just because you walk among us. Some people tread lightly, others have very big shoes to fill, but no one (and I mean no one) else can leave the impression that you can.

Walk proudly upon this earth, know your destination, love your journey... yet always be mindful to leave a path so that others may follow.

Keep the light on!

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