Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Don't like your past? Stop living it.

You ever shout near a mountain and hear it echo as it gets farther and farther away; faint, but you can still make it out... but still, nothing like the original.

That's kind of what your past is like.

The past keeps getting farther and farther away, yet you just keep on echoing.

That's kind of what your present is like.

The past is long gone. The only evidence we have that it ever existed is the faint sound that we repeat time and time again.

So the question is, why do you echo certain events and not others?

You know a lot more happened than the stories you tell people; so why are you clinging to specific ones?

(Especially to the ones you don't particularly like?)

Just imagine if you could stop echoing the bad experiences, then reach back to the good ones, and echo them instead?

Doesn't that SOUND nicer?

Nothing's really stopping you... nothing... nothing... nothing.

So go ahead and do it... do it... do it...

Keep the light on... on... on...


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